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Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo
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really liked it
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Read 2 times. Last read April 18, 2020 to April 28, 2020.

[read 2 | april 2020]
This reread actually fuelled my whole soul with the most darkly delicious appreciation both for how intelligent and cunning the plot is AND how incredible the magic system is. I crave dark academia because I am so sooo far from academic 😂let me live through books vicariously okay. And doing this reread via audio (which is stellar btw; the narrator is the same as Inej from the SOC audiobooks) was such the perfect decision. Gahhh, I loved it. I loved it more this time. It's so slick and clever. Though tragically, I did notice Alex is a Gryffindor. I need more Slytherin content here okay.

things I particularly appreciated this round:
- how I completely forgot the whole mystery so got surprised when the murderer was discovered! [cheers] go team me and alex for figuring it out!! again!!
- that fiercely perfect moment when Alex slams white feminism AND when Dawes bites the dean's head off for implying girls attract their own abuse
- Darlington????? the way he fell into calling himself just Danny before THAT SCENE. I just went soft never mind me.
- how cleverly and tightly plotted the mystery was
- the secret societies! kids playing with wicked magic
- how tired Alex was. will we let this girl nap please.
- I appreciate how it actually tackled darkness with such nuance, I've seen people call it "shock value" and I couldn't be more confused at that. It had rights to be far more graphic, but it wasn't, and if talking about actual traumas people face is "shock value" then you're going to get a shock finding out what happens in the real world. No, true. I just needed to say it. Don't diminish women's abuse like that.

(I am still forever disappointed in the several racist comments though. I do not look past them.)

[read 1 | september, 2019]
Ok so this? THIS is the dark academia book I've been longing for. It is super hyped and I mean, of course: it's Leigh Bardugo! We are on the cusp of a Grisha Netflix show, we're hanging out for the sequel to King of Scars, we have the entire sprawling Grisha series being a founding stone of YA. This is her ninth novel (heh; that worked out well) and I was super keen to see her flex her writing prowess into a new genre and shape.

The whole story is a vicious story of vindictive revenge, of murders and ghosts, and societies in Yale that play around with dark magic. But also of importantly a story of healing. And yeah. You finish it, and you get a little mad there's no book 2 yet. (But I don't think the cliffhanger was too torturous.)

Barudo's foray into adult literature:
Alright so let's be clear here: this is adult lit. I've seen a lot of people upset about how dark it is...but it's, uh, adult lit. Leigh Bardugo's been super open about it containing explicit content and including topics like murder, sexual assault, and violence. So obviously not everyone wants to read that, which is totally fine. But I kind of am confused at the bitterness on twitter of a dark academia book being, uh, dark. Anyway.

Adult vs YA in style: It did read differently to her YA! The prose is more dense and uses grandiose language. It's a bit of a prowess flex, and that's okay. I appreciated it. It dumps you in without a lot of background info on the magic system etc, and lots is NOT explained. But it wasn't difficult to jog a bit to keep up. The first 1/3 felt really dense/slow, but then it sped up and got a crackalackin on in pace.

It's about a girl who can see ghosts:
Hello, here is a traumatised character who gets told "no" and smashes through doors anyway. Alex is a highschool drop out, druggie, and runaway who's recruited to work for the Lethe society at Yale because she has a rare skill: she can see ghosts, aka The Grays. Basically Lethe is the "police" of the dark magic societies. They're supposed to monitor everyone, keep the dark rituals in check (hey don't go murdering each other, kids!) and manage the greys who are drawn to rituals involving blood. The book starts off with a murder of a town girl and Alex refuses to let it drop. Intuitively I realise it's because Alex doesn't want dead girls overlooked. But on page? It wasn't actually that convincing why Alex went so hard for this case. But anyway.

So yeah! It's a murder-mystery basically! Alex follow this tangled web the societies of woven around this dead girl, and it's fascinating, although I kinda guessed the ultimate villain waaaay early. Alex also has a heartwrenching arc with the grays, going from being a horrific trauma for her over to things she is working to control and team up with. We stan an emotional arc. 

I LOVED the flashy setting in Yale, the twisted and secretive and dark culture of the societies, and the mysteries of everyday and arcane and obscure magic (in objects or powders etc) filtered through the storyline.

Let's talk about the characters...
Okay characters make or break a book for me. I liked this lot, but I was pretty much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about their angst too. I don't know why exactly???

➢ Alex Stern: absolutely a frightening dark-hearted wonder. I liked it when she just went dark side.
➢ Darlington (Danny Arlington): ok dude reminded me of Gansey from The Raven Cycle, all scholarly and gentlemanly and sort of views Alex as a fleabitten kitten he has to train. HOWEVER. He's "vanished" for all the the obok and we only get him in flash backs. I liked him, but I did not have enough page time to care. 
➢ Dawes: Cannot remember her first name but Dawes is FAB. Intrepid, quiet. Makes soup. Cleans up the messes when Alex arrives home beaten half to hell. She's just trying to finish her PHD and not die and when people get loud, she vanishes into her sweater. Relatable.
➢ Turner: packet mix gruff detective who is a pain but then all soft inside etc etc. See any murder mystery ever. Hop from Stranger Things, etc etc.

And look just a quick note on diversity? Alex doesn't know her father and suspects he's maybe Mexican or Dominican. I was kind of unimpressed with the racist comments thrown in (Alex's friend saying "get out of the sun before you look like a Mexican") and the fact they were not rebuffed. I do NOT think that writing a racist character equals a racist author and/or book. But I'm kind of over quips like that if they're not going to be addressed.

So what did I think overall?
Look it's hyped and it's intimidating with all its rave reviews and endorsements from mega-famous authors (STEPHAN KING! LEV GROSSMAN!). I liked it a lot. It was wickedly dark and gory at times, as well as viciously dark and heart breaking at times. It tackled a lot of #MeToo themes, with women being used and silenced and blamed while they are victims of privileged men's whims. I think that was brilliantly handled. Harrowing, but written thoughtfully.

But I didn't fall in love with the characters like I thought I would. And while I enjoyed the plot deliciously and wickedly, it never shocked or spun my head around.

this book is about playing with dark magic you don't understand. about not giving up when doors slam on your fingers. it's about justice for girls and clawing towards healing with teeth and bloody fingernails. it is dark and occasionally there is blood everywhere and there are dead things. and they're watching you. 
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Leigh Bardugo
“Mors irrumat omnia. Death fucks us all.”
Leigh Bardugo, Ninth House

Leigh Bardugo
“He needed her and she needed him. That was how most disasters began.”
Leigh Bardugo, Ninth House

Leigh Bardugo
“My name is Galaxy, you fucking glutton.”
Leigh Bardugo, Ninth House

Leigh Bardugo
“She'd glimpsed true power and she knew it was her one chance to take it.”
Leigh Bardugo, Ninth House

Leigh Bardugo
“Darlington was a good talker, but he was happiest when no one was speaking to him, when he didn’t have to perform the ritual of himself and he could simply be left to watch others.”
Leigh Bardugo, Ninth House

Leigh Bardugo
“If you were going to hell together, murder seemed like a good place to start.”
Leigh Bardugo, Ninth House

Leigh Bardugo
“Her map had been changed. Her coastline altered. Mors irrumat omnia. Death fucks us all.”
Leigh Bardugo, Ninth House

Leigh Bardugo
“Magic had almost killed him, but in the end it had saved him. Just like in stories.”
Leigh Bardugo, Ninth House

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43.57% "as much as I'm enjoying my reread I have to gravely say that Alex....

.................is a gryffindor

(there is quality slytherin plot content but she is so not a slytherin!!!!!)"
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message 1: by Marija (new)

Marija I trust your reviews so Im looking forward to reading this :)

message 2: by Shelly (new) - added it

Shelly This review makes me even more excited to start!

C.G. Drews Thank you!!

Chanda I got a Gansey vibe from Darlington too!

Ashley Marie Started listening to the audio this morning and I'm getting a Curse Workers (Holly Black) sort of vibe, but I can definitely see the Gansey thing too!

C.G. Drews Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten* wrote: "Started listening to the audio this morning and I'm getting a Curse Workers (Holly Black) sort of vibe, but I can definitely see the Gansey thing too!"

Oh I love the Curseworkers!!! Totally need to reread that :')

Ashley Marie I still have to get to the final book!

Victoria Larsen AMAZING review!!

Emily LOVE your comments about the “shock value” 🙌🙌 I want to reread this!

message 10: by C.G. (new) - rated it 4 stars

C.G. Drews Emily wrote: "LOVE your comments about the “shock value” 🙌🙌 I want to reread this!"

Thank you! It made me think this time...especially how often I see Ninth House called out as unnecessarily violent. It's well within anyone's rights not to read books like this, but when real women go through abuse and harassment (and are murdered) all the time...let's not say it's "too much" when they speak up about their trauma.

Brianna Graham While I would love to believe I'm an Alex, I'm totally a Dawes and also make soups, clean up after others, and disappear into sweaters. Totally got the Gansey vibe too. Such a great read!

message 12: by C.G. (new) - rated it 4 stars

C.G. Drews Brianna Graham wrote: "While I would love to believe I'm an Alex, I'm totally a Dawes and also make soups, clean up after others, and disappear into sweaters. Totally got the Gansey vibe too. Such a great read!"

I definitely related more to Dawes too 😂headphones on and disappearing into her sweater? relatable.

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