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Hardball by Sara Paretsky
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Dear Vic,

I can call you that right? After all, we've been palling around since 1995 so I feel we're a little bit more than casual acquaintances. I am always amazed at your passion for justice, your dogged pursuit of the truth and your general bad-assery. This time, you have outdone yourself. I cried big, fat babyish tears as the horror of institutional racism surfaced and your heroes crumbled around you.

More importantly, though, I want to thank you for being a tireless feminist--a truth talking, what you see is what you get, intelligent woman. I tire of those oh-so-snappy-unaware-of-her-beauty-female sleuths who hook up with those hunky, hunky cops who see her inner intelligence. I applaud your continued struggle to be yourself even though it makes it hard for you to find a partner. You don't dumb down. You don't turn your info over to those hunky cops who know better and let them protect you. You fight for every last damn bit of respect you are owed and you don't say thank you. Don't ever stop. Don't put on a pretty smile and a pretty dress. Just keep kicking some major ass.

With eternal admiration,


PS: That bassist? Git him gurrlll! Git him!

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