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Warriors of the Cross by T.R. Graves
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Jun 24, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** The book earns its 3 (Good) rating. I am curious about the sequel, pleasantly curious.

I did have a few problems with the book:

It’s Christian Fiction, which is normally a genre I avoid. Most is either so saccharine it hurts my teeth or so horny for the end of the world and hell on earth it creeps me out (those who know me will find this amusing – I find those ‘Left Behind’ style books kind of blasphemous). I have to say I was taken aback when I realized its genre BUT I was pleasantly surprised in the end. It is neither saccharine nor does it display a disturbing lust for the end of things.

The lead characters last name is La Crosse? Really?

The bad guys are Satan’s Sect? Really?

Allison, a 24 something year old woman who is devastatingly beautiful is a virgin? Really? Her beau isn’t a virgin and that’s okay but the girl must be pure? Kind of a double standard.

Going jogging immediately after the revelations of the previous night? Okay points for moving the plot along, but frankly that makes her ten kinds of stupid.

Now what I like:
I like the sexual tension between Allison and her two male suitors – though I wish she were less clear about her desires (a little ambiguity goes a long way, and as a best friend who eventually got the girl I kind of hate Dr. Studly and feel for the best friend). Here’s hoping the warriors cannot marry for some GOOD reason. And on that note I kind of wish Dr. Perfect were a bit less sure concerning his female relations.

I like that she picks up skills from those she saves. But shouldn’t she have picked up a tad of violence/fighting from the be-crossed killer in the ER?

That those she has saved align to protect her. That’s nice. It might be interesting if that eventually affects the murderer she healed. Nothing like a jailhouse/death row convert!

The medical bits. I am only a dabbler, but I love those kinds of things – they make a story feel so much more real and true. And the fact that Allison didn’t solve all of the issues surrounding medical billing in five minutes, damn refreshing!



I made a snide comment about the villains being called Satan’s Sect, and I have to admit that even though I think it’s kind of silly it is probably a name Satanists might choose (thus probably pretty realistic). My dealings with Satanists, Settites (they prefer Setian, so being the ass I am I call them the name they HATE), and other various Dark Path practitioners have certainly colored my view of them. Most are complete and utter morons with the creativity and intellectual capacity of a deranged toad – and the few who actually do have a positive IQ are narcissistic asshats that thrive on intimidation and conflict. I have learned that giving them any kind of attention is bad, they thrive on it and use the connection to suck you dry (Psychic Vampires All!) I don’t find them intimidating, though they can be dangerous; mostly I find them sad little people.

In fact I think the saddest thing I ever encountered was an Iranian Satanists. My god, with all those thousands of years of wonderful nastiness to choose from (ever look into Zoroastrianism?) and this dimwit went with Satanism. There was another pretty pathetic case, a guy using Satanism as an excuse for homosexual activity… talk about self-hatred.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the LaVeyans. All they are interest in is their next donut and their next sexual encounter.

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