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Showing Off by Sarah Mlynowski
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it was amazing
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{My thoughts} – This book isn’t as geared on Nory and her school experience at Dunwiddle Middle School as the first two books. It is more geared on Pepper, Nory’s friend and her experience. I like how the authors chose to focus on other characters in the books and not just on Nory. This helps to keep interest in the book series in my opinion.

Pepper has upside down magic just like Nory and the rest of the children in their class. However, hers is more dangerous because it can cause animals to panic. It doesn’t matter if they are real animals or people that flux into animals. She causes them all to be afraid and run. She finds ways to use her magic that becomes helpful, but she is also trying to find ways to better control it. Their teacher has similar upside down magic as Pepper and has been working with her to help her better control it.

Pepper likes to take her sister to the park. While she’s there she meets one of the rival flares. They end up talking and some thing are said that change others opinions throughout the book. It helps the reader to see that real situations can still exist even in the land of magic. I like how these books have little stories within the pages that help to teach children better moral as well as better solutions in dealing with every day type problems. Although the characters don’t always come up with a good solution right away in the end they find their way and things have a better outlook.

This whole book is about the Upside down class getting ready, preparing and delivering a performance in front of the whole school. They work really hard on it, they practice a lot and they are all really nervous because many of the children at their school aren’t really happy that they are attending and have their own class. However, the upside down magic class sees this as an opportunity to show the school that they are okay and that their class is an asset to the school Are they able to do that at the performance? Are they able to make others see how incredibly special they are? Are they able to pull off a show in front of the entire school? If you want to find out you’ll have to read. I promise it’s worth it!

If you’d like to know you’ll need to read the book. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. It is well written, has a lot of playful banter and silly catch phases within the pages. It is also rather entertaining to read the names of the animals that Nory seems to be able to transform into. I look forward to reading book four in this series in the near future!

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