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Ecce Homo by Friedrich Nietzsche
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It is certainly hard to review the last book of the greatest man ever lived. Ecce Homo, is Nietzsche’s interpretation of his works shortly before his madness. The book has divided into 15 small chapters with stunning names starting with ‘why I am so wise’ and ending with ‘why I am a Destiny’. There is no doubt in Nietzsche’s greatness; however, he could be viewed as arrogant and self-centered by some readers who are not realized that all he did was to emphasize in his extraordinary finding of Human. His prescription of a great man concluded in a simple formula called Amor Fati: “My formula for greatness in a human being is amor fati: that one wants nothing to be other than it is, not in the future, not in the past, not in all eternity.”

He simply wanted the human to have “love of fait” in everything that happens to them including suffering and loss as good. “As good” is necessary to one’s life and existence whether they like it or not. And this is what he did himself despite all the physical and emotional pain and suffering that he had gone through his life. He never looked at his pain as an obstacle but a new way of life so the suffering never stopped him of being an exceptional thinker of all time.

To Nietzsche fresh air, healthy eating, no alcohol, and nature are human life necessities. Some of his rigid idea against Germany or family relationships I believe was solely related to that era and what he was going through with his personal life and was experiencing. His never ending hate against church and his famous quote of “God is dead!” is what we are experiencing today with most religion’s distortion fill up humans life with lies and limitation, the God that was men-made and with all wrongdoing was killed by men again!!

Nietzsche felt responsible to get his genius thoughts and remedy for human get across in the cost of losing his mind. He believed that no one would be interested in his book or any other books if they have already knows, “Ultimately, no one can extract from things, books included, more than he already knows. What one has no access to through experience on has no ear for.”

With the condition that Nietzsche had and the amount of pain and suffering, he probably would have a vivid idea of his short life and what he may have to go through so he decided to put together one of his best and greatest work in hope to reach the next generations attention in becoming a great human. Nietzsche believed to be insane, believed to be different, and sure believed to be the greatest philosopher of all time.

“He who knows how to breathe the air of my writings knows that it is an air of the heights, a robust air. One has to be made for it, otherwise there is no small danger one will catch cold. The ice is near, the solitude is terrible – but how peacefully all things lie in the light! How freely one breathes! How much one feels beneath one! – philosophy, as I have hitherto understood and lived it, is a voluntary living in ice and high mountains.”
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14.58% "He is a principle of selection.He rejects much.He is always in his company, whether he traffics with books,people or landscapes: he does honour when he chooses,when he admits, when he trusts.He believes in neither 'misfortune' nor in 'guilt':he knows how to forget, he is strong enough for everything to have to turn out for the best for him. Very well, I am the opposite of a decadent: for I have just described myself."
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26.39% "My formula for greatness in a human being is 'amor fati': that one wants nothing to be other than it is, not in the future, not in the past, not in all eternity. Not merely to endure that which happens of necessity, still less to dissemble it - all idealism is untruthfulness in the face of necessity - but to love it...\npg 38"
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33.33% "The preaching of chastity is a public incitement to anti-nature. Every expression of contempt for the sexual life, every befouling of it through the concept "impure" is the crime against life - is the intrinsic sin against the holy spirit of life.\npg 47"
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