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A Child Called "It" by Dave Pelzer
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Mar 16, 2008

it was amazing
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Read in February, 2008

Okay, this is going to be a short and sweet review since it's a non-fictional autobiography and you can't really critique things like characters and story. But I'm going to say what I can...

This book was a hard one to read yet I couldn't put it down. There's a different something in Dave's story that will keep different people reading. Mine was: Why? I wanted to know why his mother did this. I wanted to know what made her do it. I wanted to know how she could to it. And I wanted to know why it was Dave she picked out of him and his brothers. What made Dave the one she singled out for such monstrous torture. But that's something people involved in child abuse cases ask themselves every day.

You really do feel for Dave. You don't feel with him because there are moments so bad that he has to disconnect himself. I couldn't do that while reading it though. I almost felt that if I could send my anger and frustration and sadness and hope out there it would stop. Of course it was foolish of me seeing as it happened many years ago and he's a grown man who escaped his mothers claws.

I was only annoyed by the fact that the book was too short and that dividing his story into three seperate books seemed unnecessary. Especially because by the end the reader has become so invested in Dave and feels like they're such a part of his life, they want to go with him as he continues on to the next, hopefully happier chapter in his life. Perhaps it was a publishers marketing scheme to get more money or something. Goodness knows it wasn't Dave's. His goal was to tell his story, thank those who helped him, and open a door to shed light on an issue that is often hidden away. All of which he accomplished magnificently.

What we learn in Dave's story is that child abuse is real. It comes in many forms, but it's out there and it's up to those of us in the lives of children to stand up and be the voice for the abused. Another thing we learn is to not back down in that fight, of course there will be road blocks, but if you champion for a child as those special people in Dave's life did, you can help. You can save a life, heart, and soul. You can give a child hope.

This book is a must-read I'd say. I of course went out and got the follow-up (I hate to use the word sequel with something like this) and read it right away. That's a review to follow later. If you are debating about reading this book I will just say that it is a hard read. If you're a mother it will probably be especially hard. If you have a deep compassion and love for children it will probably be hard. If you yourself have experienced abuse it will probably be hard. If you just have a heart it will be hard. But don't give up. It would be even harder to just quit in the middle, trust me on that. It's that end, despite being a beginning, that will bring tears to your eyes and a much needed smile to your face.
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Ashley Aguilar I couldn't agree with you more.

Franziska Fischer You promised your review of this turd of a book would be short. It wasn't. There is probably a modicum of truth in this book though it is highly doubtful. The writing sucked. The lies were flashing like a red light and this schmuck got rich on it. I think the most insulting thing to my intelligence was the fact that it was a trilogy, a fact not known to me until I had already finished this sham of a book.

Collette I totally agree

message 4: by Josie (new) - added it

Josie S. lukovszki I was not able to put the book down. My heart wrenched inside, as a survivor of child abuse as well.... I had to know he survived... Read them all... He poured his soul into the series. The truth isn't accepted by some, mostly those that refuse to believe that a mother could be so cruel...
Mine was a cruel one, not to this extent, but I acquired a damage induced brain tumor from multiple brain injuries as a child..( concussions)
35 years old with 7 kids of my own, going for brain surgery to mend the damage from my child abuse...

Zahara In my English class a few other students and I created a blog on the next two books in the series. If you`re interested, please check it out! I would appreciate any feedback.

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