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Darkness Falling by Peter Crowther
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Jun 22, 2011

did not like it
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Okay, I really tried to like this one. Honestly, I did. The blurb made it sound really interesting, a collision of genres, and a lot of popular authors said they liked it. I don't know. It felt very dry to me, had a number of cliches thrown into the mix, and generally put me off. To be put off in this genre for me, I think, is a first - I usually love both the alien and zombie genres, and I thought that this would go over well with me. It didn't, needless to say.

The only thing it really had going for it, aside from the genre combination, was the vast array of characters. You had your everyday Joe Regular, you have your sexually abused serial killer, you have your airplane full of people, you have your fighting out-of-love married couple. The diversity was really the only thing that kept me interested, but even that went so far. The flashbacks were far too limited for each character, so I felt like I never really got to fully know them. This is a huge problem, especially with a book with more than a handful of characters. Aside from the serial killer, all of them started sounding the same after awhile, and all of them bored me.

The dialogue limited the scenes instead of expanding them (like dialogue should), and there was no sensory language really used to help me enter the scene. What descriptive language was used led to more telling than showing (one of my hugest pet peeves in lit), and you could feel the author speaking more than once instead of the characters. Ideas that could have been expanded upon weren't. It almost felt that in some parts of the book (around the middle) the author just kind of got stuck. And I know that feeling well, myself, but you don't want your readers to feel where you get stuck.

So I really don't know what to do about this book. As much as I hate giving bad reviews, I feel the need to try to process it out here. This might be good for those just entering the zombie genre that's not connected directly to a dystopic storyline. This also might be good for zombie fans dipping their toes into the alien genre. But anyone else who's a fan of/well seasoned in both genres? Probably not a book for you.

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