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Lessons in Gravity by Megan Westfield
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*4.5 Rounded Up

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How gorgeous is this cover?!

From the first page, I got sucked into this wonderful world of rock climbing, documentary filmmaking, and the beauty of Yosemite National Park. I liked both April and Josh immediately, though I definitely wondered exactly what Josh's deal was. He didn't hide that adorable vulnerability very well, so I just knew that I would love him.

April is a just-about-graduated filmmaker who wants to make documentaries for a living and was given the opportunity to intern with a renowned documentary filmmaker in Yosemite National Park. She is pushing herself outside of her comfort zone, especially after a tragic stunt plane accident changed her life forever (and left her with some baggage) a few years before. Josh is the Muhammad Ali of rock climbing and notoriously difficult and terse during interviews... and is the center of the documentary. It's basically April's job to get him to open up... And I'd say that she does. ;)

This was a really sweet romance, though not lacking in sizzle. It's New Adult, but the heat level is pretty tame, just above a Young Adult romance level (lots of hot kisses and embraces!). I think that this worked really well with this story and absolutely adored the way that their relationship was built up. It all felt very genuine (which is pretty big for me, personally).

As much as I loved this (and I did!), I do have to say that I felt that it dragged a bit at about 75% in. The part in particular I'm referring to is definitely necessary and significant, but I feel like it was maybe thrice as long as it needed to be (or maybe I was just impatient?).

You can definitely tell that Megan Westfield did her research for this one, too, making the passions of her characters come to life for those of us who may not be as familiar with them. I don't climb, nor have I visited Yosemite (yet!), but had no problem following along and picturing everything as it was happening. Megan's writing style is immersive and everything flows really well!

I would be remiss if I didn't also mention the supporting characters here - Madigan and Theo, in particular, were just awesome! I can't say that I would mind reading their stories. ;)
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