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Chasing the High by Beth Michele
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really liked it
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Well that Interesting? I don't even know at this point. I think I jinxed myself. Let me explain.

The first 57% of this book was amazeballs. Simply stunning. There were no side plots. There were no pesky exes, interfering friends, or meddling parents. It was nothing but relationship building. And I love it when that happens!

Sam's fiancé is a no-show at their wedding (ruh-roh), but he decides to go on the planned honeymoon to Hawaii anyway. He's hurt, but discovers soon enough (through some self- and relationship reflection) that he and Glenn weren't passionate about each other. They weren't in the "I can't live without him" zone at all. It was more safe and comfortable than anything else. Ok, fair enough. It was honestly believable the way Michele crafted this. Once this was fleshed out, the whole rebound thing became a non-issue for me.

Sam meets Drew on the flight to Hawaii, and it isn't love at first sight. It was snark at first sight, and that's how Michele got me. Give me snark, and I'm yours. I'm a snark whore with no shame.

Sam and Drew become friends first during their two weeks in Hawaii. So, even though it looks insta-lovey from the 30,000 foot view, it didn't feel that way to me. It made sense, and the connection they had was written really well.

Michele can write the hell out of a kiss. There was no instantly jumping into bed as soon as they realized they wanted each other. Yes, you pervs, there's plenty of yummy smexiness too, but this author does it up right, with some SENSUAL fucking kisses that stole my breath. It was all about the kisses, people!

And it was a good fucking kiss. All warm lips and hot tongues. Lazy brushes and firm pressure. The flavor of coconut lingered in his mouth, but mostly, he tasted like something I'd been missing. Something I wanted more of.

Up until just beyond the midpoint of this book, I was all big smiles and giddiness. So what the hell happened? It didn't turn terrible - don't get me wrong. It's just that I had over 50% of "nailed it" from an author, and then she didn't nail it anymore.

The big dramatic moment of truth happens, and it's just contrived. It felt so damn manufactured. The author created drama for the sake of something happening to Sam and Drew, and I was not a happy camper. Then the resolution of the big drama, for Sam, happens off-page. Wut??? It was a big enough fucking deal to hand me this dramatic bullshit moment, and I don't even see how it ends? WTF?

It was enough of a coincidence that Sam and Drew sat next to each other on the plane to Hawaii and happened to be staying at the same hotel. Ok, I'll buy it. It could happen.

But then, back at home, Sam can't "find" Drew. (Let me introduce you to and the like, Ms. Michele. You have the internet? You can find ANYONE.) But after Sam looks for him, without luck, he happens to run into Drew. By chance. Randomly. TWICE. In a city of millions - NYC. Yeah, I'm not buying it.

Then the magic is kinda not what it was during the first half. There's cheese. And clichés. And more gooey cheese. It was nice. It was fine. But you know what it wasn't? THE FIRST HALF OF THIS BOOK.

The other niggle for me was the POV switching. Either have a single POV or alternate. But this author had Sam's POV for the most part, then randomly dropped in 3 or 4 short chapters from Drew's POV. It was not working for me.

So the first 57% was 4.5-5 stars. And the second half was a meh-3 stars. I'm averaging it out to 4 because it was still a good book overall. Honestly, if Michele took away the unbelievable happenings and some of the cheesy dialogue, she'd still have had magic on her hands. I'll remain on the lookout for this author because she's definitely got some talent. She just needs some polishing for my tastes.
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Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read** Terrific review, Renee! I hate when a book ends up being so divided. It's like the author loses their way and feels the needs to start throwing random plot devices in to beef up a story or add conflict/drama. Sometimes a simple story is a-okay.

I definitely still plan on reading this, but maybe I won't be reaching for it as fast as I might have.

message 2: by Ariana (new)

Ariana LOL. I think I'll rip out the second half of the book and I'll be fine! Super review!

Gigi Great review! I'm glad you read it and enjoyed most of it. :)

Renée Mirjana ***Let's Sound It Out - - - Mary-On-A*** wrote: "Terrific review, Renee! I hate when a book ends up being so divided. It's like the author loses their way and feels the needs to start throwing random plot devices in to beef up a story or add conf..."

Thanks, Mirjana! It'll be worth it for you, I think, because it was still good. It's just disappointing when it starts SO well!

Renée Ariana wrote: "LOL. I think I'll rip out the second half of the book and I'll be fine! Super review!"

Thank you! It's a sad day when we want to skip sections of books. Lol.

Renée Gigi wrote: "Great review! I'm glad you read it and enjoyed most of it. :)"

I did, Gigi. I just wish it had been a bit more consistent. I saw you didn't like the "chance" encounters either.

message 7: by Ele (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ele You explained perfectly. I'm adding it but I'm wary.

Renée Ele wrote: "You explained perfectly. I'm adding it but I'm wary."

I understand the wariness, BUT it was still a good book overall. Definitely better than the crap that kept you in a slump recently.

message 9: by Laxmama (new) - added it

Laxmama Great review. You got it perfectly- everything!

Renée Laxmama wrote: "Great review. You got it perfectly- everything!"

Thanks! Did you just read it?

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