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The Graces by Laure Eve
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really liked it
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Read 2 | March 2019

ok wow it's so odd and homey to go back to a book you loved years ago. Although the back of my copy of The Graces says "sequel coming in 2017!!" and like lol it's 2019 and the sequel is only just out. I wonder what happened??? But regardless. This book is such a tangle of oddness and insecurities, of the desperate belief in magic, of lush sensory writing, and characters you become addicted to while watching their lives unravel before you. I'm with River ok. The Graces are an entrancing family, problematic to the core, but you can't look away. It's very easy to be in love with them.

And I just love the subtle weaving of magic through this book. Is it there? Is it not? The writing makes you ache with wanting to know. And that ending...omg...I'm still gut-punched and also wondering h o w I survived nearly 3 years waiting for answers.

(My only hesitation in my reread is how/if River is straight and whether she was queerbaiting with Summer? I desperately want them together ok. But I think Summer loves her but River is too dense to notice. Anyway, hoping more answers are in the Curses. Otherwise it's problematic that (view spoiler)

Read 1 | Oct 2016

Excuse me but I fell in love with this book. It came abundantly clear to me, after the first few chapters, that I was doomed to be utterly obsessed by this book. It reminded me of The Cresswell Plot meets Holly Black meets Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies. It's magical realism with a dash of witches and the most aesthetically pleasing setting.

It's basically about River and her obsession with the mysterious, enigmatic rich family: the Graces. Like you know the drill: small town, gossip that the Graces are witches, the Graces being beautiful and rich and gorgeous and rich, plus slightly magical things happening and the odd curse or two. It could've been cliche, but it wasn't. And I couldn't stop reading. There are so many secrets that I needed answers to. River is hiding stuff and I wanted to know why.

Also this totally does suffer from "the-secondary-characters-are-1000x-more-interesting-than-the-narrator"...but that changes by the end.

Also River was awful. She suffers from the Self Inflicted Special Snowflake syndrome, she thinks she's better than everyone. And she makes it her #1 goal to be friends with the Graces because they're mysterious and wild and possibly witches and ergo they're good enough for River. Basically River couldn't stop rubbing me wrong a lot.

The Graceswere equal parts entrancing and awful. And I didn't even care that they were gosh darn beautiful (River only mentions it 938943 times) because I was totally under the spell too. There's three of them, Fenris and Thalia are the twins, and Summer is the younger, slightly goth, sister who believes in spells and curses and she's the one that befriends River. (I actually don't know how old River is, but I was guessing 15?? Because Fenris/Thalia were 2 years above her in school?? I think??) But they were all amazing and dynamic and complex. Thalia was all wood-ish and earth-y and Fenris was dashing and cocky and knew it (and also bisexual).

Also there is actually little romance here. Which surprised me! River has a major crush on Fenris but she doesn't really act on it for a lot of the book. Summer had a crush on River but I'm not sure if it was reciprocated.

And the aesthetics were most pleasing. I know I should talk about the plot and things, but gahahahah. When a book has beautiful rich houses and slightly-creepy-woods where they make spells and dance and everyone wears exceptional clothing and goes to strange little crowded stores to buy odd things -- I just fall in love with it. I mean, the plot was good too haha. I also loved the writing!

Also it got me in the feels. It had plot twists that were just weird and wonderful, and it really amped up the magical-realism aspect at the end and showed soso many dark sides to everyone. I love it when everyone is slightly villainous. Wonderful. Keep at it.

ALL IN ALL: yes, I'm in love with this. It just is the kind of book I adore: slightly magical, witchy, aesthetically pleasing with woods and mayhem, a cast of characters who are beautiful but totally damaged, and a few punches to the feels. It's entrancing and surreal. I am half in love with the Graces too.
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Samantha (WLABB) I liked it too!

C.G. Drews @Sam: WOOO HI FIVE! I feel like most people didn't like it. XD

Ellie Totally agree! Loved the aesthetic in this one. :) Can't wait for book 2!

message 4: by Anja (new)

Anja At least the seashell chocolates taste GREAT!! :'D I really loved your review and now I'm definitely considering to read it :)

message 5: by La Coccinelle (new)

La Coccinelle Hahaha... seashell soap. Or chocolate. Whatever. It does have that Art Deco-packaging thing going on!

C.G. Drews @Ellie: Yayyyy! I was so worried it'd be a standalone but omg I need to know more (view spoiler)

@Anja: YAY!! I hope you like it!

@LA Coccinelle: DOesn't it just?!? XD I much prefer the hardcover. I don't even get why there's seashells. They didn't play that much significance in the book???

message 7: by Jaimi Rachelle (new)

Jaimi Rachelle Seashell chocolates were the first thing I thought of when I saw the cover! Love your review!

Samantha (WLABB) I agree. Most of the reviews were lukewarm, but me and mine (my blogger kid) liked it, and I for one am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Michelle (Fitkittymama Reads) I read the eARC so there was no picture, but yes, the seashell picture is horrible but the book is beautiful!! And Summer is my favorite character.

Jodie Omg I love this review so so much I relate allllll the way!!! Can’t get over how much a good book this was and literally want to read and read and reread it! Ughhhh why can’t all books be this amazing

Kassie I'm only a quarter of the way in, but can't put it down. I love this woman's writing style.

message 12: by Nina (new) - added it

Nina Mortimer I remember reading the Graces ... it was so eerie and it just spoke to me. I cannot wait to read #2.

message 13: by C.G. (new) - rated it 4 stars

C.G. Drews Nina wrote: "I remember reading the Graces ... it was so eerie and it just spoke to me. I cannot wait to read #2."

It's fantastic. 😍Book 2 is even better.

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