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Off Base by Annabeth Albert
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This is Pike (Josiah's friend) & Zack's (Ryan's Friend) story and we get to watch these two navigate their way to HEA. We met them both in the #Gaymers Series and now we get to watch these two learn to adult and fall in love.

This story is set more in the military world and deals with a lot of Homophobia. If homophobia, slurs, the thought that being gay is a choice, and mention of ways to help the gay person get over being gay are trigger subjects for you - this story may not be a happy read. In addition, Zack's family are Ultra conservative and religious (his dad carries a Bible in his pocket) - needless to say they are a huge issue in the story. Know these things going into the story - because Annabeth Albert has written a story that is pretty emotional and in your face with homophobia.
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Zack - he is so far in the closet, even Narnia is closer to the door than he is -- and Zack has no idea how to even begin to find his way out. When he meets an energetic, sexy, ginger man - with sexy freckles and gorgeous eyes. Zack starts looking for ways he can be the man, the SEAL, the son he was raised and trained to be -- all while being a man that Pike would want as well.
“You. Are. Not. A. Distraction.” Zack toppled Pike backward, loomed over him. “You’re my everything. And I won’t let them have you. Won’t them ruin this.”

Pike -"Pike was the type of guy who would flirt with wallpaper, but he seemed to have singled Zack out for special attention ever since their first meeting at a LAN party." Having never been in the closet unless it was while changing clothes - and he refuses to go in the closet for anyone. Even a sexy, muscled man - a man that makes his heart go pitter-patter and makes him think of happily ever afters, homes, family..going from me to an us.

When these two find themselves spending a lot of time together - feelings and sexual attractions grow. Then Pike finds out Zack isn't just in the closet but he is also a Virgin...
“A virgin SEAL—”“Shut up.” He shoved Pike’s shoulder. Pike neatly sidestepped his grip. “I’m just saying, you must be rarer than a fucking unicorn. I thought you guys got all the ass— of any gender— you wanted.”

Let's just say...Pike and Zack have a lot of fun during Zack's sexual education! Zack earns A+ in all subjects!

The chemistry and passion in this book is perfect! When these two fall... they fall hard, even if they don't acknowledge it right away..
"Kissing Pike always felt like breathing— necessary, important and vital to his well-being— but right then it felt more like a sacrament . Or like super glue instantly sealing their bond together. And that’s what this was— a bond . His mouth might not be able offer many promises to Pike, but his body could pledge an oath, swear to Pike with each thrust that this meant something, meant everything."


Overall 4 stars -- great book. I would have liked to see more of the happiness, the fallout with the family just sort of stalled out, and a couple other areas were not fully resolved - but it's a great story and an awesome start to a new series!

Review Copy of Off Base provided by Carina Press for an honest Review.
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52.0% "he knew how to please his man. My guy. And maybe he couldn’t be, not really, not out in the real world, but right here where it counted, Pike was all his, and Zack was going to appreciate the hell out of him."
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Jaime Learning to Adult - Ginger - SEAL - #Gaymers Spinoff

Line No really is this a spinoff?!? YOINK, going straight to TBR:-)

Jaime It's Pike's Book and Ryan's friend, Zack - Zack is a SEAL

Marte - Thunderella Great review!

Jaime Marte wrote: "Great review!"

Thanks Marte!

Line Jaime wrote: "It's Pike's Book and Ryan's friend, Zack - Zack is a SEAL"

Thank you, I could have read the blurb but was (apparently) too lazy:-)
And great review, looking forward to us plebians can get out hands on this book;-)

Jaime Line wrote: "Jaime wrote: "It's Pike's Book and Ryan's friend, Zack - Zack is a SEAL"

Thank you, I could have read the blurb but was (apparently) too lazy:-)
And great review, looking forward to us plebians ca..."

It will be sooner than you think.. Let me know how you like it!

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