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Last Breath by Rachel Caine
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Jun 21, 2011

really liked it
Recommended for: 13+ lovers of vamps
Read on July 24, 2012 , read count: 1

Review Copy Courtesy Of My Local Library!

This is Book 10 of Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampire series. The latest installment of our loveable humans and vamps from Morganville features a politically charged issue: Michael and Eve are engaged and planning an engagement party. Most of the town is in an uproar, Amelie is required to give her blessing (which hasn't been granted yet), and Oliver has commissioned Claire and Shane to talk both Michael and Eve out of their wedding plans.

During the goth-girl/vamp-boy drama it has been noticed that vampires are doing the disappearing act--gone without a trace. When Claire and Shane drive Myrin to the edge of town to investigate a camper wanting into the town, they discover that it's a carrier with a letter from a neighboring vampire town that only contains one word: "RUN."

Claire is also seeing a newcomer named Magnus around Morganville, who seems to be up to no good. Now it's up to Claire, apparently the only human to see him, to locate the missing vamps and take Magnus head on in a battle that may leave Morganville in a state of ruins. Morganville is certainly a place that the dust never settles.

"Last Breath" is another good installment of the Morganville Vampires series. It a quick and easy read. I was able to read the entire book in one evening after I got home from work, without staying up to late. The POV is switched up in "Last Breath," which is different than all of the previous books. This one has each chapter narrated by one of the main characters in the book. I enjoy books that are written this way and I've noted that on each review I've done on a book with this type of format.

*Myrnin is still crazy and Claire finds herself on the fence with the vampires who have sworn to protect her. See quote I've posted below.

*Magnus is a very dangerous draug (a water vampire) master and his character kind of reminds me of the pied piper of the undead.

*Shane is tested beyond everything else he's had to endure thus far. He's not an emotional character but we see a side of him that I knew he had in him.

*Claire is, as usual, a pawn in the game between humans and vampires. Vampires use her but don't really like her and humans don't trust her even though she is, indeed, one of them.

*Eve pulls the stunt of the century and one that I've waiting to see someone accomplish and live through. Go Eve!!! Rah! Rah! Rah!

*Michael, well, seems to have fallen back into the shadows a bit in this novel I think.


Claire: "She'd always thought that, at a certain level, she could trust Myrnin, & Amelie. But if she couldn't...if deep down, they saw her as disposable...what chance did any human really have in Morganville?
That is what Shane had been trying to tell her all along." (R. Caine, 2011, pg. 102)

As from my Vol.1 review: The entire human population of the town lives in fear of the creatures that stalk them; some of them can even be out during the day. Leaving the town is possible but not advisable as the vampires can do some interesting mind tricks to you to make you forget the town—BUT—if you ever start remembering anything while outside the bounds of Morganville, they will hunt you down and destroy you.

According to the author’s website, these books are suitable for Young Adults ages 13 and up.
Amazon has this listed for 18+ but I completely disagree. 13+ is an acceptable age threshold.

Welcome to Morganville, Texas but make sure you don’t stay out after dark!

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