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Into the Dark by Patrick D'Orazio
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Jun 20, 2011

it was amazing

Sometimes it can be difficult to do a review of a central book in a trilogy. It's almost like reading 2/3 of a novel and doing a review without reading the entire thing. Maybe that's just me, though. But I suppose I'll just have to look at it like the central book is the bridge that leads to the third book. Is it sturdy? Does it support the story across to the other side? Do I feel safe walking over this bridge?

And the answer in some cases is yes. The bridge does support the story to the other end. However, the trip is anything but safe. It's like the rope bridge in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, where you may get across, but you've probably pissed your pants and most of the other people on it have fallen to their deaths. OK, maybe it's a bad analogy. Here's the scoop.

Into the Dark introduces us to a new group of survivors. Their leader, Michael, has a bit of a different idea of how they are going to continue to survive. And I have to be honest, despite the fact that I think the author was trying to get us to look at Michael as the bad guy, I think the entire outcome was that Jeff, the main character, ended up looking like an over-emotional brat.

It seemed like the whole time the conflict wasn't that Team Jeff were the good guys and Team Michael were the bad guys. Granted the latter had some stereotypical rednecks that were jackasses and using the zombie apocalypse to act like bigger jackasses. I actually kind of liked the Cindy character, just for the "Crazy bitch zombie killer" factor, kind of like Jenni from As the World Dies, but without any redeeming qualities besides the fact the she's a "Crazy bitch zombie killer," and yes, I see that as a redeeming quality.

Anyway, back to Michael. In a world full of cannibalistic corpses, there would be times that tough decisions are going to have to be made if any of the human race was going to survive and rebuild. Apparently, he's the guy that's going to make those decisions. It's like the politician that is never going to please everybody, to the umpteenth degree because any and everything that comes across his desk could result in loss of life. Talk about stress.

So in my mind it's no wonder that he gets a little pissed when Jeff and George try to question his authority at every turn. Of course, there was the whole thing where the original quartet (Jeff, Megan, George and Jason) were basically kidnapped. Well, I guess Michael isn't perfect, but I see him as a better leader than Jeff.

OK, enough of my Sudafed inspired rant.

One of the things that I thought was really cool about the book was the character development of the young boy, Jason. Having a thirteen year old of my own, I could appreciate and understand the attitude the boy gave in the story and see its authenticity. The character that annoys me the most is George, who simply sulks a majority of the time. I understand that he's trying to get to his family/deal with the idea that they may be dead, but step up, dude! You've got people right there depending on you!

I have to say that I really liked the second book, but honestly I actually like the first book, Comes the Dark, more, but the author set a really high bar with that one. Again, I'm looking at it as only part of a whole and I'm really looking forward to the finale of the trilogy.

I highly recommend this book to any lovers of the zombie horror genre and I expect more big things from Patrick D'Orazio.

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