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End of the Line by E.C. Myers
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it was ok
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Thank you to NetGalley and Serial Box for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for review!

I have incredibly mixed feelings about this episode. The narrator this time around was Inez, and while I liked Inez and Teddy together from episode six, I don't think I enjoyed Inez on her own. She's very reckless, tends to jump to conclusions and just kind of rubbed me the wrong way with some of the things that she said and the way that she acted. That being said, I enjoyed the writing and story progression and the ending did have me laughing a bit, so this episode wasn't all that bad!

This episode was written by E.C. Myers and involved a character that was introduced by a different author, so I definitely expected (and welcomed) how another author would interpret Inez. One of my favorite things about this series is the wide variety of authors because you know that with each episode, you'll be getting an entirely new experience. There are so many different writing styles that readers are introduced to while reading these stories and it's always a treat to see how various authors will write about characters from other episodes. Some of the characters that were more prominent in a previous episode may sometimes take a backseat in the current episode, and vice versa.

Unfortunately, Inez just did not do it for me on her own. She seems to only care about herself and Teddy, which leads to her being somewhat hostile towards the other group members or just flat out not caring about any of them. There were also a few things that she said throughout the episode that really bothered me. At one point, she picks up an old copy of a Babysitters Club book and makes a comment about how "The snowy border on the cover was not the whitest thing on it." That was some pretty not-so-subtle racism that did not sit well with me. Especially because later on in the episode, she makes a comment about how assuming that all Asians are good at math is a bit racist, when Hyrum was simply stating that May was good with numbers. It just made no sense to me how she could make a pretty racist comment and then turn around and try to shame someone for a statement that she just assumed was racist. She also tried to get on to Teddy when he made a comment about how Gabe must be his "inner black dude" because he still believes that the whole thing is happening in his head. Another thing that bothered me was when she was getting ready to go to the beach and she looks at herself in her front facing camera and says (or rather thinks as this wasn't said out loud), "She was hot. She would totally do herself- she probably would, later." I just didn't understand why this was necessary to add in to the story, but it certainly added to my feeling that Inez is incredibly full of herself and made me dislike her even more.

Despite my obvious dislike of Inez, I did enjoy the writing and how the story progressed. This episode picks up at the end of the previous one where Loki shot and destroyed the caretaker that was running the train. Hyrum eventually discovers that the train has been progressively gaining speed and is now starting to shake due to how fast it's moving and May tells the group that if the train continues gaining speed that it will eventually fly apart. Now they have to figure out a way to stop the train before it explodes. One thing that did redeem Inez a little bit was when she volunteered to go under the train in place of Hyrum or Alex. It was her plan to detach the cars so it did make sense for her to go, but it was still nice of her to take the responsibility instead of putting it on one of the smaller members of the group. While this was not my favorite installment, E.C. Myers does a good job of continuing the story and expanding upon the world, as well as keeping readers invested in the story with his descriptive and captivating writing. One thing that I can say is that he is quite good at writing about a character that readers will likely be talking about, be it negative or positive.

With all of the ups and downs that I experienced while reading this episode, I definitely feel like End of the Line is going to be talked about for quite some time when it is released, and probably even before its release. There were a lot of things that happened in this episode and it will be great to see different opinions on all of them. This was an interesting episode and I'm really curious as to how it will continue on from this point!

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