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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
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Jun 20, 2011

it was amazing
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Trigger warnings: child abuse, torture, racism (species-ism?? I'm thinking here of Umbridge's attitude towards centaurs and elves and giants), bullying, death of a loved one, snakebite, violence, self harm, blood. (Also animal cruelty? I guess?? I mean, they're doing spells on animals, which the animals clearly aren't keen on, given how often they try to escape. So.)

Sticking with 4.5 stars again. This book really is incredibly long. It takes nearly 200 pages just for them to get back to Hogwarts, and then the last 100 pages or so is at the Ministry. So really, the school year FLIES by simply because so much of the book is dedicated to other things.

Minerva McGonagall is the teacher that everyone deserves and I aspire to be like her. Snape is the teacher who deserves to be sacked for child abuse and bullying. Harry really needs to be in therapy holy hell. Umbridge is possibly the character I hate the most out of any fictional character ever. Voldemort is after power and to stand above everyone around him. Umbridge wants control, wants the whole world to conform to her belief system. And that, to me, makes her so much more terrifying. Because people like Umbridge can be found in every parliament, the world over.

Also? I have a lot of feelings about Neville. Poor lil squish.


Anyway. I'm sticking with a 4.5 star rating for this one, simply because it's SO STINKING LONG and I feel like it doesn't need to be? I think what I love most about this is that this is the book where the Silver Trio really come into their own. There's an obvious friendship between Hermione and Ginny, Neville - as I said this time last year - really demonstrates (particularly at the Ministry) that he could have been the Chosen One had Voldemort decided differently, and Luna is a delightfully quirky gift to the world.

Please ignore all of 2012 Kirsti's complaints about Emo!Harry - poor baby clearly has a lot of issues to deal with post Goblet of Fire and insufficient access to mental health services. Instead, he gets Severus Snape, Crappy Teacher and General Asshat, the man whose teaching method is "I'm not going to tell you anything except "Clear your mind, now I'm going to attack your brain" and then I'm going to get mad at you for not trying hard enough when it's all because I gave you shitty directions".

Clearly, 2016 Kirsti has a LOT of feelings about Snape and how terrible a teacher he is.

4.5 stars. I know I basically said this last time, but I don't know who I love more in this book - McGonagall for being an extreme sass explosion and general badass, or Neville for finally becoming the wizard he's capable of being.

Harry, in contrast, kind of breaks my heart.

My God, do I love McGonagall in this book. From "Have a biscuit, Potter" to lending Peeves her walking stick to chase Umbridge out of the school, she's fabulous from start to finish. As is Neville, who finally comes into his own and shows throughout that he deserves to be in Gryffindor. He may not be the best wizard in the school, but he tries his hardest at everything, and when the shit hits the fan at the Ministry, he's right by Harry's side the whole time even though he's got a broken nose and no wand. Though he may not be the Chosen One, he shows at the Ministry that he's more than he seems.

Dolores Umbridge is definitely the character that everyone loves to hate. I don't think I've ever met anyone who hasn't expressed a desire to be violent towards her if she were real! That said, I'm not sure that she deserves the fate that she gets. Especially when it comes at the hands of Hermione - girlfriend has a hidden dark streak!

As much as I love Dumbledore's Army, Harry's tendency to act before thinking in this book means that it loses a star for me. Plus, Harry spends so much time yelling and moping and generally being a bit emo that I think I love this book more for the secondary characters.

I love Fred and George and all the havoc they wreak. I love Professor McGonagall, particularly when she tells Peeves that the chandelier unscrews the other way. I love Neville, and the hidden depths that we start to see here. He's no longer the added source of comedy that he's been for so much of the series up to this point. And I love Luna. She's just fantastic.

There's a lot of backstory in this one, particularly stuff (*cough* prophecy *cough*) that has a serious impact in the remaining two books. It's not my favourite by a long shot, but it's still pretty fantastic.
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