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The Sidekicks by Will Kostakis
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Oct 11, 2016

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Ahhh I have so many mixed feelings about this! Because on one hand it was so emotional by the end and the #SQUADGOALS are real here. But on the other hand...I emphatically disliked the format. SO WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?! HOW DO I REVIEW. WHY AM I A REVIEWER. I QUIT AND GO TO SEEK A SIMPLER LIFE WITH GOATS ON A MOUNTAIN SOMEWHERE PROBABLY.

Just kidding. I love reviewing. Buckle up, I'm gonna talk.

(Oh but before I do: I loooooved the author's book The First Third. Seriously. Go read it. It's hilarious and wonderful.)

The story is basically about one boy's death that brings together his three friends. I always struggle with caring when a book starts with a character being dead because...I didn't know him??? I have no reason to care yet??? But by the end of the book I did know the dead boy a LOT better and so my feels were quite damaged. And I loved the whole plot of these three boys starting to depend on each other. LIKE BOOKS ABOUT FRIENDSHIP ARE JUST AWESOME. ALL THE AWESOME. I am awesome'd.

It's also split into 3 parts and 3 POVs. I...did not know this going in. So when part 1 ended and it flipped to a new narrative, I got so freaking confused. It was awful. AWFUL. We start off with Ryan, who is the studious swimmer who is also gay but so deep in the closet he's having tea with Mr. Tumnus. I liked Ryan, but I didn't connect to him. He almost felt a bit goody-goody?

Then we move into Harley's POV and so this toooooootally threw me because I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS. Plus I hated Harley's POV because the writing was stilted and jagged and so much slang my head hurt -- PLUS he referred to everyone with different names!! He called Ryan "Thommo" and it took me, no joke, most of his section to work out who THE HECK HE WAS TALKING ABOUT. It was so confusing/disorientating. Just gahahahghgh. I am not having a good time. Like Harley's cool. I mean, he's a drop-kick and I didn't understand him AT ALL, but he had a good soul so = <3.

And lastly we get Miles. Who I'm like 87% sure is Autistic and I love the representation of it. He's not a stereotype and his emotion of losing his friend was the most real and palpable. He couldn't let go. AND I JUST FDJSAKLFDSAD. Basically Miles was the best. (But my Autistic analysis could be me just being hopeful because it's not stated.) Also Miles parents rocked. JUST SAYIN'.

I did really like the story and I loooved the character development. I think, though, it was a bit short? So a lot of stuff was glazed over when it would've been good to dig deeper. Like, please, I don't just want the cheese off the lasagna, GIVE ME THE WHOLE THING. (Well. That metaphor went well.)

Oh but wait wait, super pet peeve here: IT REPEATED SO MUCH STUFF. From the "different perspectives". Dude, I hate that. It's a trope used fairly often in multiple POV books but arghhhhhhh. I hate the redundancy of reading the same scene, just from a different POV. #bored I'm sorry mate, but my brain just starts skimming and I'm not a fan.

ALL IN ALL? What did I tell you: MIXED FEELINGS!! On one hand the #squadgoals and the character development are AMAZING. And there's like 4% romance, so if you're not a romantic mushroom, then you'll be good with this one. I loved the diversity representation and thought it totally nailed it. No stereotypes. No cliches. And it was very moving in the end!! But like, on the other hand...we have so much confusion and redundancy with the scenes.


(hahahhahha. excuse me. I freaking love reviewing. I just need to whine occasionally on the agonies I go through.)
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55.08% "WOAH it just changed POV with zero warning and everyone has different names and I'm not saying "I'm confused" because I'm saying "I'M SUPER CONFUSED" and who's crying? Oh. Oh that is me."
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Emily Mead Saaaaame though. And it's such a short book - hard to pull off three separate narratives.

C.G. Drews @Emily: So true, right?!? Like it's not even 300-pages. 0_0

Laura I would of loved it too if it wasn't alternate POV. I would just be getting into the story then BAM POV change!

message 4: by Dimitri (new)

Dimitri this is why God invented 3 star ratings on Goodreads.

C.G. Drews @Laura: Agreed. :/

@Dimitri: Thank you goodreads and thank you God.

Bianca I was with you with a 3 star rating of this book UNTIL I READ THE LAST PAGE. That page changed me.

Wendy Ah, I really liked it. I knew going in their would be POV switches though. My only complaint is having Harley say "would of" instead of "would have" because it is an error people only make in writing, not a pronunciation issue, so it threw me every time.

I 100% agree that Miles's parents were the best. Also, I adored "so deep in the closet he's having tea with Mr. Tumnus

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