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Death Magic by Eileen Wilks
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Jun 19, 2011

it was amazing
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Recommended for: fans of the series, especially Lily and Rule
Read from October 14 to 19, 2012 — I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** Yes, this was what I was hoping for - not as much outward action - although the piece de resistance at the end quite made up for it - but lots of further development in the finally declared war between the bad Old One ((view spoiler)) and the good one - the Lupis' Lady.

There was a great two-stranded plot of the inevitable regrouping of the good guys into a defensible position on their way to trying to not only survive the upcoming war but to win it. That was fascinating enough - Lily having defined herself as a cop first and foremost (whether within the police force or the FBI Magic Unit) who is asked to leave her post to be directly working with the leaders of the resistance, I want to say. Outside of federal rules, basically becoming vigilante.

(view spoiler)

The second strand, equally important to the series I think, is how Rule and Lily deal with what happens due to her being temporary host of the Wythe Lupi mantle - the repercussions really only becoming clear here. (view spoiler)

There was one bit I couldn't help but laugh at - Wilks has a truly playful and heart-warming foreplay between Rule and Lily fairly near the beginning of the book, leading into very meaningful sex between them - but because she wanted to make the culmination extra special and stand out she uses imagery for the joining and the climax which - I'm sorry- I found hilarious. It took me right out of the story until I had calmed down ^^.

However, she has clear strengths of showing how a loving couple can work with each other, around each other, with other people in the house included, etc. with and without strain. I have rarely seen everyday stuff integrated so well into the suspense and supernatural and the romance - I'm sorry but when Kate cooks for Curran, it's special. When they do something couplish it's not usual - when Lily and Rule decide on a meal or a wine or where the shoes are, that's an integral, average part of what they are. I love seeing that.

The way Lily eventually joins the Shadow Unit largely makes sense (view spoiler) and is totally in character, which is good because the first clash now that war has been declared is of a magnitude that endangers crowds of multiple thousand people and connected to death magic. It's heartwrenching anyway.

(view spoiler)I loved Isen Turner's role as Buddha-Wolf or maybe I should call it Wolf-Yoda?(view spoiler)Curren was his sexy and competent self, as always. And newly introduced Deborah seems like another great addition to the good side, so yay!

I do not know why this serie isn't at least as well-known as Kate Daniels or Mercy Thompson. Can't wait til next Autumn.

I added relevant quotes to illustrate what I love on the second read, but I don't really have anything to add. Except that there was no Deborah in Mortal Ties. Aww.
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11/05/2011 page 150
39.79% "I'm really thrown for a loop by Lily's health problem. It'll be interesting to see what happens there. I hope Ruben's vision can be explained differently from what he fears."
10/19/2012 page 20
5.0% "She frowned at Rule over her shoulder. “And I like that choker.”
“The wood is lovely against your skin, but you might want to try this on before you decide.” - more in comment" 1 comment
10/19/2012 page 365
96.0% "And another quote that shows the interplay between wolf morals and human morals in the shape of Rule and Lily - more in comment" 1 comment

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