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Eden by Keary Taylor
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Jun 19, 2011

did not like it
Read from July 03 to 05, 2011

** spoiler alert ** SPOILER ALERT

I don't know how I maintained the will to live through the majority of this book. I really don't.

I mean this whole novel took the phrase 'love triangle' to a whole new extent. A whole new meaning. My God! Every single page was about Eve and her confused, mixed feelings towards the two guys. And yes, I got the message that West woke something up in her, made her feel alive and Avian was home, he calmed her....ABOUT FIFTY TIMES.
It was too much.

I hated Eve. She was supposed to be strong and independent, but she was just patronising and superior and weak. Weak, even though she's meant to be Fallen...and have no emotions. I think the author forgot that CRUCIAL detail many times.

Oh yeah. Another thing that really ticked me off. 'Chuckled'. I think that word was used about three times in every chapter. With no variation whatsoever. I understand that it's just a word...but there's only so many times you can use that word! And Taylor didn't even use it in the right context! Chuckling is when you're light-hearted and feeling jolly and joyous. Not when the world has ended and the whole of the human race faces extinction. No...maybe laughing. Or I don't know...CRYING?!

Okay, and then you have the end. Right, so she goes through the whole book, moaning and groaning about who to choose. And then she just turns into a heartless, selfish cow! I really detested Eve come the last few chapters. The way she just...left West completely. And took Avian whilst West could have been dying...I thought was unbelievable. And he wasn't even awake when she told him she didn't want him! God, it was such a horrible, bitchy thing to do that I actually felt something for the first time during this book. And that emotion was HATRED.

I also thought the ending was rushed, and poor because of that. It left too many strings flying about and generally disappointed me. But the whole book was a disappointment anyway, so whatever. Such a beautiful cover with such a brilliant blurb and let's face it - an aweomse potential storyline, if it had not been for the way it was massacred by the awful writing and flat characters.

Sorry, rant over. Do not read this book.

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message 1: by Adeeb (new)

Adeeb hahahahaha I laughed reading ur review...and I HATE love triangle books -,-

message 2: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Me too the typical ones as long as it does not be the main part of the story line

message 3: by Ella (new) - rated it 1 star

Ella Whiddett ah see, i usually quite like love triangles...but man! the triangle in this book was just too big.

message 4: by Adeeb (new)

Adeeb hehehe...reading hunger by michael grant...really awesome

message 5: by Ella (new) - rated it 1 star

Ella Whiddett yeah that was a good one :)

Tatiana I enjoyed the book, but OMG I really feel you on the whole "turns into a heartless, selfish cow" thing. What the heck was up with that?!

FreakChiq ITA with every word you wrote. I wish someone could wipe my memory because Avian=feeling home, West=feeling alive and "strange feelings in my chest" are now etched in my brain forever.

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