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My Dangerous Pleasure by Carolyn Jewel
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Jun 18, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: demons, magic, witches-wizards-mages-sorcerers, paranormal-romance
Read from June 18 to 19, 2011

When his 'vanilla' human tenant, bakery owner Paisley Nichols, comes under magical attack from an enemy of the Kin, demon Iskander finds finds his forbidden desires are making him want to do more than just protect the woman he brings into his home. And as Paisley discovers the hidden world populated by demons and the mages who enslaved them, she comes to trust Iskander with more than just her life.

I really liked this newest entry to Jewel's series, and even though the starring pair aren't enemies this time, Jewel still brings that feeling of forbidden romance to Iskander's story, while balancing Iskander struggle against instincts which make him want to 'take' what must be freely given with a human woman with the care Iskander takes not to cross the final lines with Paisley. Having seen the destroyed Iskander who was such a mess in earlier books, I could appreciate how far he has come to allow himself to actually connect with another woman after the betrayal which nearly cost him his sanity. And it really adds to the story that Iskander really 'tries' to figure out how to interact with human Paisley, and the effort it takes Iskander when he is anything but human. I am hugely hero-centric, so sometimes it is easy for me to overlook the heroine, but I really liked Paisley too. Considering what Paisley goes through, she is exceedingly resilient and, with the new powers Paisley gains over the course of the book - as well as the experience that she brings from her human past - Paisley is a good partner to Iskander.

The white chocolate buttercream icing on the cake , is that the romance between Iskander and Paisley in My Dangerous Pleasures is set against a really good story - there is much more to Paisley's stalking by a powerful mage than it first appears. And I liked how Paisley's entry to the demon world adds a whole new wrinkle in the detente between mages and demons which should be interesting as Jewel carries her series forward. Also, after four books, Jewell has built up an interesting supporting cast which is used to good effect here, and I can definitely see the threads being put in place for at least three more books.

For those new to the series, Jewel does reintroduce the rules of her world, so be patient at the start of the story you will learn about the kin/fiends/demons, mageheld, vanilla humans, latents and mages along with Paisley. One warning to newbies though, demons have a nonhuman form and the urge to mate while shifted is strong and Iskander's inhumanity does add a touch of kinky intensity to the love scenes. Personally, I think Jewel manages to skirt the line without crossing too far into uncomfortable territory, but some readers may not agree.
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 ~V~ Yay!...I love reading your reviews Melindeeloo!..i've really enjoyed this series, but i don't know a lot of people who've read them! So it's good to hear that this one was good! I'm definitely going to read this one next! :

Melindeeloo Thanks, hope you like it too:)

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