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The High King's Tomb by Kristen Britain
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Jun 18, 2011

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Read from July 20 to 24, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Whereas the first two parts of the series, The Green Rider and the First Rider's Call could be read as stand-alone novels, this one pretty much requires knowledge of what has happened before and who these characters are and what's going on in general.

The thing that put me off most was the main character's sort of Mary Sueism. Don't get me wrong, I love strong, independent and capable female leads, but enough is enough. Being cabable and clever enough to take care of herself and those around her and possessing a rare but originally not so strong ability in one type of magic? That's good. Having practically every past and present Rider hailing for her and being an avatar of the death-god and vanquishing evil spirits riding the death-god's steed (and then forgetting everything about it, gah!)? A bit too much for my taste. It felt as if having "the plain old Karigan" from the first book wouldn't have carried the story for the length of a third book. With every volume of the series Karigan gets more and more involved with the magics, but the change of the magic's focus between the First Rider's Call and the High King's Tomb felt forced.

And what's with Karigan getting hurt all the time? There'll be nothing left of her if she gets constantly stabbed and beaten and mauled and bruised and mentally invaded and exhausted to the brink of death by her use of her ability.

And of course, I've been rooting for Karigan and Zachary for three books now and they STILL didn't get it going on! I was hoping there'd be more of Amberhill and Estora scenes and less repetitive D'Yer wall ponderings, so that Estora would have been swept away by Amberhill and refused to Marry Zachary, as the contract between Zachary and Lord Coutre requires her consent to the marriage. Well, I'm having my hopes up for the fourth book, Blackveil.

All in all, the story of High King's Tomb could have been told in a shorter manner, but regardless an enjoyable read. I liked that almost all of the characters had motives to do what they did. The "evil" people weren't evil just for the sake of being evil and the "good" people didn't just rush off to save the day without thinking of concequences for the sake of being good and noble, Well, except for Amberhill, who I liked much more as the Raven Mask than as himself.

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