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To Catch a Flame by Lily Freeman
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Oct 06, 2016

it was amazing
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Read on October 06, 2016

Alright. I've had almost 48 hours to process my emotions and come up with the words I need to write this review and tell the world what I think of Lily Freeman! This isn't going to be short. Grab some popcorn and let's chat.....

*Waits for you to grab popcorn.....extra butter please*

**Ten Stars---No really... Ten Stars....Maybe Eleven**
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Where do I start. Ok, here we go. I read "Little Band of Red" a few months ago, and was FLOORED that this was the debut novel for Lily Freeman. The Chemistry, the passion, the WRITING, was awe-inspiring. It sucked me in, and I finished it in about three and a half hours flat, without putting it down. Every character held something for me. Loving them or hating them, I felt a connection to every single one. I knew what they looked like, how they acted, who they were as a person. I thought I knew what to expect in the following books, but I was dead wrong. The twists in this series, about knocked me off my feet.

 photo Trippin photo_zps1bjut47q.jpg

I was so entranced with the first book, I *IMMEDIATELY looked up the release for book 2, "Fire in the Blood" A month? Hellz no, I couldn't wait that long.... I would have literally DIED!

 photo Dying_zpsbmbddvtf.jpg

So, as usual, I looked for my ARC signup... FOUND IT!!! I got it, I think a week and a half later or something like that.... Too bad life isn't always set to your schedule and I had to wait to read it.... Needless to say by the time I got to it I was shaking like a crack addict waiting for a fix. Anywho. I started and finished "Fire in the Blood" in a few short hours (Two hours of sleep is NOT recommended). I couldn't pick my jaw up off the ground.

 photo Squidward_zpsveul0gao.jpg

Book 2 took such a sharp turn in a direction I hadn't been anticipating. My thoughts were scrambled, my brain was fried, and my heart was-----over-easy!

 photo Egg_zpsomrsbjdd.jpg

Again, I rushed to find out the release for book 3..... December? No.... not gonna happen.... there was no way on God's green Earth I was going to be able to wait until December for the wrap up of PJ's storyline. The cliffhangar left me feeling like I was lost, and sad, and happy, and just overall in turmoil beyond compare. How do I wait for something that feels like it owns my soul?
 photo soul_zps0j2fh7pa.png

So, as usual, I reached out to Lily.... I needed this book and the both of us had already become friends.... "Hey Shannon, wanna read Book 3?"
Does the pope wear a funny hat?

 photo pope_zpskmbhffgc.jpg

Ten seconds later, I was IMMERSED in "To Catch a Flame"

PJ.... oh my PJ, is the best heroine any reader could ask for. She's strong, sassy, submissive, and a bad ass bitch. She loves with EVERYTHING she is. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and gives everything she has to give with everything she is. You couldn't ask for a better girlfriend, lover, or best friend. She's just incredibly perfect in every way. I've considered going full lesbian with my fictional PJ....

 photo Lesbian_zps0i74fjqj.jpg

Mika and Elliot...... Can I haz a pair? Please. I want them....both of them.... right now.
*Closes eyes*
*Opens eyes*
*Looks Around*
*Closes eyes tighter*

Someone fetch me a genie lamp please.

Elliot is rough, manly, sexy, but inside he's a little broken, and a little teddy bear. You feel for him. You want to console him, you want to slap him, and then you want to straddle him. The nicknames make me swoon, the love makes me die a little inside. If every man were like him, the world would be better for it. Elliot, is My Favorite Character

Mika, is the epitome of a romantic, love infested, accent wielding, sexy ass bi man, that I literally want to take me shopping and then take me to his bed. The way Mika and Elliot balance each other is extraordinary. Mika is a fierce lover both in and out of the bedroom. I love him to death. Please... call me Teserino.... I'm totally ok with that!

 photo Mika and Elliott_zpsyupdt3jo.jpg

And Luke.... well.... I will be the unpopular opinion here, but I want to see his Happily Ever After. He might be crazy for cocopuffs, and he may be the epitome and definition of a sadist, but I still kinda want him, and I want to see him with someone who can handle him. I'm not gonna say anymore because I don't want to give anything away, but Luke.... Luke is like my broken project. I wanna glue him together and then let him tear me apart.....

 photo masochist_zpsi78obqmz.jpg

This series, tore me up, and healed me at the same time. It showed me what true love really is, what heartbreak really can do to a person, and how through the midst of the worst struggle someone can imagine, there is still light at the end of it, if you just hold on. Lily Freeman has just claimed her spot in my top three authors, and the Red Series is in my top 3 series with Pepper Winters-Indebted and JKRowling- HP.

I never in my wildest dreams believed I could enjoy another series like I did with these other two, but I have been proven wrong. This book is everything you could ever want or need from a romantic, suspense, erotic, bdsm, menage book..... Oh, I almost forgot the sex..... Well, let's just say, I might have had to change my "knickers" several times, if you catch my drift.

 photo 5 Orgasm Button_zpsm0jqyhvr.jpg

I wish I could stress to you the amount in which I loved this book, along with the first two, and I wish I could buy it for every single person, but I can't, so you must do it. Let's get Lily Freeman to the top of the Best Sellers List. I've never met anyone so deserving. This book speaks for itself, so I don't have to continue, but please, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. You won't regret it. It's amazing..... perfection.....brilliant....superb.....astounding......mouth watering..... etc......

ARC was provided by Lily Freeman for an honest review from Bitches N' Books

ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest bitchin’ review.
Reviewed by The Royal Bitch from Bitches N’ Books
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Donna Cochrane Absolutely fantastic review .. loved .. loved .. loved this series and Shannon's review was everythung i thought but didn't know how to say !

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