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Battle of the Ampere by Richard Paul Evans
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it was amazing
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Recommended for: Someone that likes Sci-Fi, or electricity and its mysteries.

** spoiler alert ** Michael Vey is a young man, that was born with electrical powers. He can conduct and control electricity throughout his body by, what he calls, pulsing. This book's genre is Sci-Fi, and does a great job to make it seem like it is possible. It is very, very detailed, and almost puts the reader into the action. There are many details, that gives the reader all the information you need to see a specific image in their head, and almost never gives a broad description. The characters are as follows; Ostin, the smartest of them. Michael, the leader. Taylor, the girl that can confuse anyone. Zeus, the brute force of them. McKenna, the optimistic, kind woman. Abigail, the fragile type. Ian, though blind, is their vision. Jack, the teenage warrior. And Wade, Jack's friend, and under his command. Tessa, later met, is a jealous, but kind woman.
The setting is mostly in Peru, and that does a great amount of importance, because there, the most spoken language is Spanish, and it makes the enemies harder to understand, and much harder to know what they might do, because the protagonist and his friends are from America, and don't know the language, except for one character. The protagonist, Hatch, is trying to take over the world, and wants it so only he is in the highest command. Because in the last book, the team, named the Electroclan, destroyed a power plant, powering over 80% of Peru, the Peruvian government wants to capture these delinquents, and give them to hatch. They have a large bounty on them as well, just to put the cherry on top of the cake. Whilst the Electroclan is going to the Ampere, a superyacht containing Hatch, Wade Wilson is killed, and Jack makes it his life's purpose to get vengeance on Hatch for Wade. In the next major event, the Electroclan manage to get on the Ampere, and sneakily blow up the ship, but not before reuniting with the rest of the clan, as they had "abandoned" them to have a normal life, for a short time. Successfully blowing up the ship, the clan then return to shore, but receive news that Hatch lives, and is going for a target that can create more "electric" children. It was the Electroclan against the Ampere, a mission impossible *cough cough* fission impossible *cough cough* of bunch of teens, against a powerful, menacing, large superyacht.
The event that changed Jack's life is when Wade died. Wade was the only one that he had, he was his pupil, his leader, a little brother to him, if you will. Jack was the only one Wade had, and Jack pushed him past his limits, treated him horrible, yet loved him. Jack completely blames his death on himself, and cried superfluously, telling Michael to try to shock him alive. Jack went through grief for a week, building his muscle, pushing himself, to try to get back at Hatch, his name probably made him infuriated Jack. The use of 1st person between the characters is absolutely astonishing. Evans uses the fact that the reader might want to think of what is happening to the protagonist, or what their plans might be, to his advantage, by giving them that power, and at the same time adding suspense. It always switches between main characters, such as Taylor, Michael, Hatch, Michael's mother, and any other main character, giving their thoughts, and perspective of the story. It gives the reader chills, sadness, or any other emotion the character is feeling. Sometimes it may be fear, other times happiness, or other times anger.
I was very, very moved at the end, when they celebrated Wade's birthday, because it was so great that everyone knew when Wade's birthday, and even made a birthday cake with candles for Jack to blow out, in honor of Wade. I cried a little bit, and in the book it said the even Jack cried, intensely almost, and I just love how the author added this in, he was so thoughtful, and so strong with the words he chose to describe everything. Another thing I like how the author did was at the end, when a guard grabs Taylor by an arm, and it almost looks as if she is going to be captured, when Michael shouts at the guard, he stops, and Michael throws a ball of electricity at him, knocking him unconscious. It is always just so cliche to see a damsel being hauled away, giving the next movie or book the plot. Evans did such a good job at being the better author, and not being cliche, but instead gave a very unique plot in the next plot, by doing this, it's just so remarkable, I want to give him a great high five.
I rate this book a 5.5 out of 5, just for the great detail, the good plot, and an overall great book, it is just so creative, and attaching, that sometimes you just can't put it down. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes Sci-Fi, the wonders of electricity, or people that want to be moved by this book. If you liked star wars, then you are going to love this. This book is about a team of unnatural teens, that can manipulate at their will, though few people know this, these teens embrace their powers as if it is nothing to them at all. Half of these teens took down a superyacht, and also took down an entire power plant, just by themselves. And that is just a foretaste of what's to come.
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