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The Cygnus Virus by T.J. Zakreski
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Disclosure: I received this title for free for review in advance of publication.

Title for my review: Author channels Nietzsche using the voices of Jack Kerouac and Robert Kroese

At the end of this book, all I could say to myself is "Man, this book reads with such hopelessness about, and for humanity that I would be happier if I had a way to purge it from my mind." Under other circumstances, I might have actually abandoned this book about 20% of the way in, because I just don't want to fill my brain with the philosophy of Nietzsche, which this author clearly embraces (wrapping it in sci-fi clothing).

So, sadly, being faithful to my book review rules (http://www.startupdj.com/book-rating-...) means I need to give it a 3. But had I not committed to a review, and thus finished it, I would give it a 1.

Further comments might be useful:
* The author switches writing voice style from time to time, depending on either the character narrating, or the circumstances the narrator is in. However, I felt the latter was frequently unnecessary, particularly when the voice of the main character - normally an articulate lawyer - switched to Jack Kerouac beat-style. I imagine the author wanted to reflect a change in mindset of the character, but I couldn't buy that degree of mental-state change of the character.

* I have mixed feelings about the use of fairly lusty sex scenes. He uses sex as motivation for the main character, but it dives fairly deeply into the subject - more than I thought was necessary. And frankly, I could imagine several other motivations that would be has as effective.

* The story arc is pretty good. It seems to jump a bit as he changes narrative characters, but if you hang with him, the is told pretty well.

On an NPS-type scale of recommendation, I'd give this about a 3-4, just because I don't want to fill my friends' brains with this world view.

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