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EDIT 10/7/12: If you want to feel loads better about this, read Nightshade 3.5: The Aftermath. I think it's only available as an e-book though. BUT TRUST ME. IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT THE ENDING. AND MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, GIVE YOU HOPE.


WTF. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ENDING????????? Argh. I LOVE everything about this book. Except for the ultimate ending. I felt as if Cremer took the easy way out. WTF.

((full rant soon after I can actually think about this ))

:::::::::::::::::MAJOR SPOILERS :::::: ALSO, MAJOR RANT COMING NOW ::::::::: MAJOR SPOILERS ::::::::::

*Tries to lower down heart rate* *tries to breathe normally*. Okay. Not working. Uh, umm guys, I literally just finished Bloodrose. and I really don't know what to think. Hence why I won't give this a rating. I couldn't decide whether its a one star or a five star rating.

This isn't even a review. It's a rant, ok so bear with me.

I love this book. I really do. I love all the secondary characters (searchers and guardians) and you can't help but want them to survive. Oh god, even I felt so sad when Silas (the scriber, remember him?) died. I also was rooting for all the couples to survive - Connor and Adne, Sabine and Ethan, Bryn and Ansel, Mason and Nev. I love them all. Except for Shay. THAT BASTARD. Never in my life have I ever despised a love interest as much as him, but to be fair he was a lot better (uh, yeah who could have guessed) than he was in Wolfsbane. Don't get me wrong, I would still dig up his grave for him if I have the chance.

NOW. Here's where my madness comes. Ren dies. REN DIES. Like,really. I had a suspicion about it a few months ago, but I didn't want to believe that an author like Andrea Cremer would choose the easy way out. Kill Ren (my precious Ren!!!)then BINGO. Calla and Shay can be together forever. Argh. Makes me even sick and ill than I am (there's a reason why I missed school, you know). I feel like his death was pointless and his dad (not his read dad, but Emile the one he believed was his dad) broke his neck. WTF. I would be less angry if it was someone else that killed him but not just his bastard of a (fake) father. And I felt so sorry for Adne - they were getting along so perfectly and now she's lost her brother and her whole family now.
I love Ren even more in this because he showed a different side to him and I was so ANGRY when they didn't have sex. While Calla basically throws herself at Shay.

About Calla, she keeps saying to herself that "Oh, I would wait until the war ends, then I make the choice." Umm, yeah while you're basically letting Shay rip your clothes off. That girl makes me sick. She's not a good heroine, and it's ironic because Andrea said that Calla is the inspiration for this series, and she wanted a heroine/alpha that knows what she wants. Bite my ass. Calla DID NOT know what she wanted, she keep going back and forth. She's kissing the other behind the other guy's back and she gets OH SO MAD when they try to rip each others throat out. Like hello, you can't expect them to not fight over you, you ignorant bitch.

Back to my true hero Ren, I wouuld have been happy if he did NOT end up with Calla, but at least with someone else. I don't get why Andrea just killed him off like that. It would have left a less bitter taste in my mouth. I feel embarassed for Ren. He lost his Alpha role, he lost Calla to Shay, he lost his parents, he lost his freaking life. Oh my days. What is wrong with the world??

Anyway, have you guys seen the post Andrea posted on her blog? About wants vs needs or something like that? I seriously LMFAO when she said that honestly there's as much as Shay fans as Ren's. Oh. Did I miss something? Is she blind? I can't even name one person that actually likes Shay *glances around* Exactly.

Apart from THAT thing, I actually liked the epilogue, it was cute and heart-warming. But what pissed me off(!) again was that Shay's a wolf. He should just be left a human and so that slag would be left on her own. *Heavy sigh* Guess we can't all be happy. To be honest, I was expecting Calla to die 'cause the author says the ending is totally unexpected. It is in a way, but not really because we pretty much figured out that Calla will end up with Shay right from the very beginning of the 1st book, Nightshade.

Anyway, I wanna know what you guys think of the ending and whether you agree with me or not. :)

Also, check out my blog http://jana-thebookgoddess.blogspot.com/ for a more 'friendly' and structured review later on today...
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Jenna team REN! :)

Taznim lol,like your theories for Bloodrose,TEAM REN!!!

Jana (My Messy Chapters) ^ thanks lol ... I seriously would cry if she ends up with Shay, doesn't Andrea notice that nearly EVERYONE is in Team Ren?

Veronica Ren is soooo much better than Shay! Shay whines too much... haha ;)

Jana (My Messy Chapters) yh I know! :D After reading the first chapter of Bloodrose I am so excited because I know Ren wouldn't just let Shay take Calla away from him so I hope Shay dies or just disapear..!! :)

Veronica I just finished reading the first chapter. I want more!!! haha.

TheLoupGaroux Everything but number 3. If Ren ends up with someone else I'll be so pissed. Shay is such a flat "hero" character, whereas Ren has a great back story and in very complex. Besides, you cant be a Scion and an Alpha, they are exclusive. Alphas have to care about the pack FIRST, above all else

Veronica Yeah, I was a little confused when Sabine was saying that just because Shay challenges her and acts like her equal, it makes him the new Alpha. I'm sure sleeping with him didn't help though...

Jana (My Messy Chapters) yeah and Andrea Cremer asked me to email her if I've got any questions about Wolfsbane, and she replied that just because they (Calla and Shay) slept together that doesn't mean that Shay has got the 'upperhand' over Ren so basically in Bloodrose - they will be treated as equal! TEAM REN FOREVER! and I want Ren as their alpha not girly Shay!

Veronica Agreed!! :)

Jenna hooray Jana! ahahahaha. so hapeee.

Taznim TEAM REN!!!!

message 13: by Andrea (new)

Andrea TEAM REN ftw! :)

message 14: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Connor's gonna end up with Adne, I think.Oh, and... I'm team Ren, too =)

message 15: by Anna (new) - rated it 3 stars

Anna haha i like #3, but he's already got Adne. I think Shay should sacrifice himself and Calla will be with Ren. If only...

KJ Shadows It seems everybody likes ren...i definately support that <3 Team Ren

Jana (My Messy Chapters) Skyler, yeah I agree, I think Shay should sacrifice himself so it'll be Calla and Ren forever! That would make me so happy!

Yeah I agree with all of you about Connor and Adne, I know and I want them to end up together :)

Mitchii 1. Shay would sacrifice himself (in other words he would die) - this is what I am HOPING...

^ This.

Veronica I don't think he would do it so they could be together. I think that he would do it to save the pack.

Carie #2 would be my first choice. #1 is good, too, but I don't want Calla choosing Ren only because Shay is dead. Ren deserves to be her choice regardless of what happens to Shay.

message 21: by Mitchii (last edited Aug 30, 2011 07:50AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Mitchii Carie wrote: "#2 would be my first choice. #1 is good, too, but I don't want Calla choosing Ren only because Shay is dead. Ren deserves to be her choice regardless of what happens to Shay."

Right, right! I didn't think of that. I was too focus of getting rid of Shay. But actually, I also prefer if Calla choose Ren of her own accord.

Taylor I think they should make this book series in to a movie series.

Jana (My Messy Chapters) Yep, I agree Taylor! I would definitely watch it!

message 24: by Peri (new) - added it

Peri wonder who would play the role of Calla

Jana (My Messy Chapters) Oh God. I don't know if I should still read this. I might just be SO disappointed :( Especially seeing other goodreads reviews about this...

Carie I'm totally with you! Starting to get really worried about this one. I've been avoiding reviews because I don't want any spoilers, but I'm NOT gonna be happy if things don't end well for Ren!!

TheLoupGaroux I've fancasted Claire Holt in my graphics on tumblr, I think she'd do a great job of Calla. Max Irons as Shay (Cremer's fancast) and Shiloh Fernandez as Ren ;)

Someone on twitter tweeted the ending to Cremer, which she replied to so I saw the spoiler. I hate my life. :( lol. A whole year of waiting ruined by some twat on twitter.

message 28: by Andrea (new)

Andrea hey fellow andrea, can you tell me the ending? send me message..:D I want to know if I should bother reading it..Especially if Calla ends up with Shay..ugh!

Jana (My Messy Chapters) Oh God its SOOO TEMPTING to look at spoilers but I'm doing pretty good! I just need to stay away from the other Goodreads reviews about Bloodrose and Twitter. I'm still waiting for my copy of Bloodrose :(

message 30: by Andrea (new)

Andrea never mind..i found that spoiler...i won`t say anything...

Jana (My Messy Chapters) Andrea, without giving spoilers away, you think I should still go and read the book?

message 32: by Andrea (new)

Andrea If I tell you, you will know how it will end...you are team Ren, right?

Carie Don't spoil anything!! Please!

Jana (My Messy Chapters) OK. Fine. Please don't say anything. (and YES. I am Team Ren). DON'T SAY ANYTHING. But I do have a feeling about the ending.

message 35: by Andrea (new)

Andrea I won`t say anything...don`t worry. If someone wants to know it I will send them message. And just to be clear...I haven`t read the book yet, i only know the ending.

Jana (My Messy Chapters) ^^Okay, thank you.

((FOR EVERYONE: Just so you know and are prepared, when I DO read and finish the book, I would change my review above and it would INCLUDE spoilers. I would rant about how much I love/hate it, so if you don't want spoilers then don't open this page next week. ))

Carie Fair enough! I'll actually be thrilled to rant (or cheer?) with you by next week. Maybe I'll be wishing by then that I'd just let somebody spoil it for me so I didn't have to suffer through reading the darn thing ;)

message 38: by Jana (My Messy Chapters) (last edited Jan 05, 2012 02:45AM) (new) - added it

Jana (My Messy Chapters) So guys, have you read my rant above?? :P

WARNING: It's got MAJOR and BIG Spoilers

TheLoupGaroux I did, and when you said Calla was a "Whore" and a "slag" I was pretty disgusted tbh. A large theme of this entire series is sexual empowerment and personal autonomy. Having sex with someone does not demean them. It is not bad to have sex. If you felt she lied to one of the boys, put that. But to put sexual put downs against the antagonist in a series about the right to controlling your own sexuality? Kind of misses the mark. I understand that you were very passionate when you wrote this, and it was a heat-of-the-moment kind of thing, but misogyny in a book review that has strong feminist overtones in it? Not cool.

OTHERWISE, yes. I've never disliked the "lead" male so much in my reading existence. lol. AGREED. Ren had such a pointless death, it was so sad and terrible. Agree completely about this point! <3

message 40: by Calia (new)

Calia From reading just your review.. I'm a little depressed. How could that happen to Ren?! HOW!

Jana (My Messy Chapters) Calia, yeah that was what I was asking myself when I read that scene. I was kinda hoping someone had healed him or something and he would come back but NADA. He just dies and left forgotten. :(

TheLoupGaroux Calia wrote: "I'm scratching my head over this.. Were us readers missing something? I'm trying to think what's so lovable about whiney Shay. (ugh, insert shudder)
Poor Ren...."

YES. Never before have I seen the romantic interest be so...uninteresting. Normally in "love triangles" there is the obvious choice, and the author makes you fall in love with him along with the protagonist. And yeah, the other person is ok but obviously not a contender. But with this, I think Ren would have been the better choice. I've said over and over again how much I dislike Shay having sex with Calla mere hours after she had been sexually assaulted, and also how everything comes so easily to him but... I just don't care for him. I feel pretty 'blah' about him. I'll always be a bit bitter that both Ansel and Shay got their own novellas whereas Ren ends up alone in a likely unmarked grave with no one to even remember he existed. *sobbing*

Jana (My Messy Chapters) Andrea wrote: "Calia wrote: "I'm scratching my head over this.. Were us readers missing something? I'm trying to think what's so lovable about whiney Shay. (ugh, insert shudder)
Poor Ren...."
YES. Never before h..."

Yeah, I think Ren deserves his own novella - might have to protest for that. I think if Shay was a LOT more interesting and worthy enough then I wouldn't feel that bad that they ended up together. But no, he's possessive, jealous and controls Calla. Eugh.

message 44: by Mel (new)

Mel Oh my gosh..I've changed my mind! I'm sooo not gonna read this book..

message 45: by nick (new)

nick I haven't read this series yet, but I probably won't.
Your review is very good.
It made me want to cry although I knew next to nothing about Shay (except that he is annoying and whiny) and Ren(who's apparently real hot ;) )
Good thing I didn't start this series!
Anyways, amazing review !

message 46: by rebelrebs (new)

rebelrebs I'm team Shay all the way! I never could get into Ren..

Jana (My Messy Chapters) Book Rants wrote: "I'm team Shay all the way! I never could get into Ren.."

Everyone's got different opinions so...:)
Anyway, you're actually the first one I've heard that is Team Shay! lol

message 48: by rebelrebs (new)

rebelrebs lol, I haven't really looked at many reviews, and I had no idea that Ren was so popular! It so funny how many different opinions there can be.

Carie I just finished the book. Wow! UNBELIEVABLE!! I guess the only spark of solace for me is that at least Ren didn't have to watch Shay with Calla and Shay as alpha of Ren's pack. GRRR!! I'm speechless...not sure how I'll write a review of this since all I want to do is RANT and RANT!! HATE SHAY!!!

Isabella OMG thank you for ranting on your review because I HATED THE ENDING!! I hated Shay from the beginning and now I hate him even more that he gets to be the alpha wolf with Calla. ARGHGRRR!!!! i agree that if Ren at least stayed a live with a different mate...or heck even NO mate I wouldn't be half as pissed off as I am now. I was even hoping he would get magically resurrected when Shay closed the rift but no...that didn't happen either. Ugh...unbelievable killing him off. I think I'm done with Andrea Cremer...too bad she's such a great author.

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