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Reckoning by Lili St. Crow
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Jun 16, 2011

really liked it
Read from July 17 to 19, 2012 — I own a copy

Okay, the jacket doesn't look like something I'd picture on Dru, but I love this cover! The model is perfect (and yea for having the same girl on all the covers), exactly what I'd picture Dru would look like, and I love the aspect running through her.

I can't wait to read this book, but it sucks that it's the last one in the series.


7/22/12 - In Reckoning, Dru, Graves and Ash are on the run following their escape from Sergej. Dru has decided to go to the last, safest place she has, even though she knows they won’t be able to stay there forever. She heads to her grandmother’s, now her, house in the South. Once there things actually end up going from bad to worse and the three eventually find themselves on the run again. I really don’t want to give anything else away. A lot of the characters from the previous books eventually pop up and I liked their roles in the book, though I do wish that some of them had had a little more face time, even though I know that the nature of the book, being on the run, etc. didn’t really allow for it. We know there’s going to be a showdown with Sergej, which I thought would be The Dru Show, but it went down a little differently and I really liked it. There were a couple of little twists in the book, which didn’t shock me and I liked the way they eventually came about, as well as more revelations about Dru’s past and her family. I wasn’t expecting some of them and they kind of came out of nowhere, but, again, I liked them. St. Crow also introduces a new type of character into the series, which ends up causing some of the bigger moments in the book.

As with the rest of the books in the series, St. Crow is really descriptive. All the time. Great gulping heaves, tearing through me like a crowd of hobnailed boots against a street, beating out cadence. Overall, I like it, but, for some reason it got on my nerves every once in a while in this one. I don’t know if she did it more, or what, but it did. Having said that, I really like St. Crow’s writing style. Her characters have a lot of depth and I like how she’s not afraid to have them get smacked around, they feel like crap after they’re in a fight or Dru feels like she has to do something like pee when she’s running from the latest threat and has the snot scared out of her. A lot of times characters will be on the run for days and you never hear about them being hungry, dirty, smelly, scared crapless or tired. Despite their supernatural abilities, St. Crow gives most of her characters all of these normal feelings and needs. It’s one of the qualities I’ve always liked about the books, because, despite the abnormal situations, it makes the characters seem realistic.

Even though I really liked most of this book, I hated one part, a big part, of it: the end. Since it’s very spoilery, I’ve hidden it. Though I can cuss like a sailor in person, I tend to not do it in my reviews, so, just a warning, in the spoiler the gloves are off. That’s how pissed I am about one part of the end. (view spoiler). If you don’t want to read the spoiler (which I wouldn’t recommend if you haven’t read the book), suffice it to say that, without the ending, or with a different one, Reckoning would’ve been close to five stars for me, but I had to knock a star off for the ending (I actually think I was being kind by having it be just one) and if I could rate the conclusion apart from the rest of the book, I’d give it no stars. I still love this series and would recommend it to anyone. Dru is one of my favorite heroines ever and Graves, Christophe, the wulfen and Nat are some of the best secondary characters around. However, the last few pages were a huge letdown and left me really disappointed.
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Keziah it's Graves' jacket. she had it at the end of the last book.

Cheryl Keziah wrote: "it's Graves' jacket. she had it at the end of the last book."

Huh! It looks like some schmancy designer coat, not the half crappy looking one I imagined belonged to Graves. Never even crossed my mind that it was his, but it definitely makes sense.

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