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Doctor Bad Boy by Ainsley Booth
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I'm gonna need to marry Violet Roberts <3 guuuuuuys, this story!!!.......

The trailer is LIVE!

If you know me or follow my reviews then you know that there are times when a character or couple will crawl into my heart and take residence and become #mypeople. It doesn’t happen as often as you would think, because most of the time it’s the story itself that captures my heart and not the characters.

Violet & Max are #mypeople … I knew it three paragraphs into this book. I also knew that I would fictionally marry Violet one day ;) Now THAT has actually only happened one other time and that was Akira from A Gentleman in the Street by Alisha Rai (if you haven’t experienced that book, you are missing out on some seriously good fictional literature #TRUST). Okay, but I digress … back to Violet.

Violet Roberts owns who she is. She is a powerhouse of a female. Her sexuality is very kink curious … cue or very handsome Doctor Bad Boy himself, Max Donovan. Max is not curious, he IS kinky. He very much enjoys the power exchange aspect of BDSM, among other aspects. And he is more than willing to satisfy Violet’s curiosity :)

Max and Violet met by chance. One fated, moment in time, that would change their lives forever. A one-night stand that was common practice for Max but not so much for Violet. Random sexual encounters are not a thing for Violet. On this particular night, Violet was embracing the New Violet. Her life was changing and she wanted to embark on an adventure. And her wish came true in the form of a scorching hot night that would leave an imprint on her life for months to come. The only detail I will give you on Violet and Max’s encounter is that it was the best walk of shame ever to be written. Their time together ended spectacularly. I could not have imagined a better morning after LOL

As you know from the blurb of the book, Max and Violet reunite again months later. However, not for kinky fun and games. And that’s a really big problem for Max. Violet left an imprint on Max that no other woman had ever done before. That night changed him. And it was beautiful. As a reader, I could see it and feel it in the story. I felt their gradual progression from virtual strangers to lovers, to sooooo much more. Max’s actions spoke for themselves. Every move he made was connected to getting closer and closer to Violet because he knew since that night so many months ago, that she was it!

Max and Violet both are very sexual people. They express themselves to each other via sex. They use role playing and kink as a medium but woven into all that kinky madness, there was love and romance … every single time. Their relationship grew via sex. It’s what they did. It’s who they were. So you will read a lot of kinky sexy hotness. And you will see their love blossom and their friendship bond tighten throughout all of their scenes.

I read this story first in beta form and then as an ARC and I could read it over and over again. Their journey gave me a place of happiness to go to in my mind and put a smile on my face. I’m not always so wordy with my reviews, even when the story has a lot of feels , but #mypeople deserve the best words possible. For future readers I say this, this is more than just a kinky sexual story. This is a story of growth and friendship and trust and love. It’s about two people destined to walk into the light together to a HEA :)

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Bookabulary Oooh, this looks interesting!

Maria Rose the trailer is whoa!!

Jessica Alcazar Maria Rose wrote: "the trailer is whoa!!"

the book is LOVE :)

MANDY COOK So excited for this one!!! Absolutely loved Prime Minister!!!!

message 5: by Janice (new)

Janice Price Can't wait to read it I just love your books

message 6: by Pam (new)

Pam Great review, Jessica :)

maggieandteddy OK, I'm just guessing. 5 stars huh? Don't say..I know, I know. I'm droppin' what I'm reading & picking up Max!

Jessica Alcazar maggieandteddy wrote: "OK, I'm just guessing. 5 stars huh? Don't say..I know, I know. I'm droppin' what I'm reading & picking up Max!"

lolololol YES! :)

maggieandteddy Ha ha. I didn't have this one queued up yesterday! & No WiFi so I started another book. This one really is next after that. Great review

Linda Great review

Jessica Alcazar Linda wrote: "Great review"

Thanks Linda!

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