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Sixkill by Robert B. Parker
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Jun 15, 2011

liked it

Yes, this is the last complete book Parker wrote, and yes, it is classic Spenser. It's simply that I've been there and done that before. The Sixkill material reminded me of Early Autumn, when Spenser "encoded" Paul. Sixkill's wisecracks reminded me of Hawk; in fact, I wondered if the series continued if Sixkill would become a substitute for Hawk. I am VERY tired of hearing about Susan's HARVARD degree---good god, there are hundreds of thousands of people with such degrees; do we have to hear about it every other page? I grew tired of hearing Susan repeat the "code": you can't be who you are and do what you do unless blah blah blah. And why the hell is she referred to as a Jewess? That seems to be one of the least of her characteristics and of no interest to anyone, including her, and it's her reference.

But yes, it was readable and fast and Spenser's ego was intact. And after all, I've read all the rest of the series despite the fact that it peaked in the early-to-mid eighties. I'm sorry I won't have Parker's large print, blank pages, sparse dialogue, and wisecracks to complain about any more.

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