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Sweet Persuasion by Maya Banks
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Jun 15, 2011

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2.5 stars.

I've decided that Maya Banks's erotic romances are not for me. Sweet Surrender almost scarred me emotionally, but I thought perhaps I'd just chosen an extremely harsh example of her work. So I read Sweet Persuasion, since the blurb was intriguing and the reviews were great. I love Ms. Banks's writing style, and in this one I really liked the way she showed the heroine struggling with her desire to submit to the hero. It could be that I'm just a big wimp, however, again this story was just too harsh for my liking.

I liked how the book started off. I liked both characters, and thought the mysterious hero was sexy as hell. The punishment scene in this book completely changed my opinion of him and the story in general.

My problem with it was this: The heroine is brand new to the whole D/s scene, let alone to the role of being a full time slave to her master. Yet the first punishment her Dom dishes out is another man lashing her naked body with a belt--24 times, I might add--in public, in the middle of a party. To me, that was horrifying enough, but he doesn't quit there. She's earned herself two punishments, and that was only the first.

Leaving her naked on a pallet in the corner of the room while his guests continue the party without her, the hero feeds her, leaves her there, and after everyone is gone, puts her to bed and walks away. Without a word. Without doing anything to soothe or comfort her. On PURPOSE. Even knowing how upset/confused she was feeling, how lost and scared she must have been. Even knowing she'd only been part of this new world for a short time, he chose to abandon her, deprive her of his presence as her second punishment. After that (sorry Ms. Banks!), I hated his guts. And it was never brought up again, even at the conclusion of the story when the hero and heroine reunite, except in a passing remark made by the hero. To me that was almost as unforgivable.

I have read the first of Ms. Banks's KGI series, and really liked it. I think I'll stick to her mainstream work from now on. Clearly her BDSM is just too hard core for me, and I hate giving books a low rating, so I'll just stay away from the others!
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message 1: by Taryn (new) - added it

Taryn I felt the same way about this book too. I read the first book and it was ok for me but this book is way beyond what I can handle. It was just too much for me to the point where I was cringing while reading it. I tried to write a review for it but yours came out way better than mine and yours said exactly what I was thinking...I have such a hard time at writing anything. Great review :)

Kaylea Cross I'm so glad someone else was upset by what the hero did! To me, that's just not even in the same realm as romantic. It was so harsh, especially considering how new she was to the BDSM scene. And it really bothered me that they never discussed it. I just thought it made him cruel. I love sexy, tender heroes :)

message 3: by Dee (new) - rated it 2 stars

Dee I have just finished and felt exactly the same. I finished it a few hours ago and I am still outraged.

Kaylea Cross I'm sorry you were outraged too :) But ick, ick, ick!

message 5: by Dee (new) - rated it 2 stars

Dee Kaylea wrote: "I'm sorry you were outraged too :) But ick, ick, ick!"

Yeah definately not one I wish to read again in the future!

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