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The Case for Gold by Ron Paul
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Jun 15, 2011

really liked it


A bit of a difficult read but only at first. Some of the early history of the USAs banking system was a bit heady but it got much more interesting and easy as it went on.

More importantly I came away from reading this with a profoundly deep understanding of central banking, the gold standard and our current fiat currency. Paul outlines the good, the bad and the ugly about our current system (mostly bad and ugly) and the same with what a gold standard would do.

After reading I know that we will go to a gold standard - it is only a matter of time. It will either be due to our dollar failing and needing to quickly go to a system with some sort of commodity backing, or we do it now and save what is left of our dollar.

The founding fathers knew that central banking and control of the money supply was the number one way to control a country and therefore their primary concern. What the Federal Reserve is doing is actually anti-constitutional - that is, it actually outlines in the constitution that the Federal government CANNOT coin money. Coining money is a power reserved for the States.

Check this book out, skim the first couple chapters and amaze your friends with your knowledge of our (once?) fine Republic.

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