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When Eight Bells Toll by Alistair MacLean
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Jun 15, 2011

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No confusion over why this story got made into a movie so quickly. Guns, boats, helicopters, bad guys, death lurking around every corner. In fact, if the protagonist had been better-looking and had more of a chance to look dapper in a suit on three continents, instead of being stuck off the coast of Scotland, he might be in the running to usurp James Bond. Remember this is set in the 1960s, and it shows. Treat it as the historical novel it now is and just relax and enjoy. A lot of the key plot elements would be impossible now. Today, when the bad guys smash your shipboard radio transmitter, you'd just use your mobile phone if you were close enough to shore. And the treatment of the female characters was interesting. "An old-fashioned girl in new-fashioned clothing" was the phrase used to describe one. I only mention this because after reading some recently written historical romances, "a new-fashioned woman in old-fashioned clothing" describes many of the female leads very well. Never fear, this is about as far away from Regency romance you can get.
TL;DR - 1960s British Secret Service action fun!

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