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Avenged by Amy Tintera
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Sep 24, 2016

really liked it
bookshelves: 4-star, epic-fantasy, read-2017, young-adult

Despite the cover being blue and Em looking 500% different than she did on the front of Ruined...This glorious sequel had NO sequel blues and contained ONLY FANTASTICNESS. I'm so pleased! It reminded me how much I adore this author's style, with the incredibly dry humour and sharp dialogue and characters who will break your heart. Literally tho. This book is super bloody. (But not gory.) Please fall in love at a distance or you're likely to lose your head.

Also I'll admit I didn't have time to re-read book 1....and it was fine! I just faceplanted back into the world most gloriously (the world was glorious, that is, my faceplant...less so) and there was no disconnect at all. Proof of glorious writing when you get sucked back in with no qualms.

The plot of this one is very very different to the first. There's a lot more meetings and politics, which I admit I wasn't such a fan of. But it keeps those concise and balances it with epic (and engaging!) action scenes and basically the Ruined being incredibly badass and terrifying.

Olivia and Em are being co-queens and do you know how exciting that is?!??!? THAT IS SO EXCITING. I CAN'T EVEN. I've never read a book with two lethal, epic, badass sister queens. I officially want 900 more. And Olivia is pretty keen on murdering everyone because Why Not™. So there's plenty of blood and murder and limbs being ripped off and Olivia being chill about it which is, quite frankly, disturbing. Everyone is disturbed. And while I really really really like dark fantasy and this was an altogether murderous sequel, it didn't feel super dark or gory or anything. And the stakes were high, but they didn't really worry me? I kind of feel like all the favourite characters get cushioned a bit much. But I am also a horrible horrible person so pls excuse me.

These characters ALL are narrators too, by the way.

• Em: Oh I love her so much! She is SO wry and sarcastic and diplomatic and sensible. While Olivia is like bathing in the blood of her foes, Em is like "ok but could we talk to them first". Communication levels with Em are A+ WHICH IS SO REFRESHING TO READ.
Cas: MY DARLING CAS CHILD. He gets smacked about a lot in this book and he is a sweet precious cinnamon scone. I love reading about sweet boys and lovely kings and Cas is BOTH and he is glorious. And so dryly sardonic too. Someone poisons Cas. Cas's reaction: "But at least the soup tasted really nice." #BlessHim
Olivia: yep she's scary. But I loved how the story showed a venerable side to her too, and she did have some honour. Like one time Em said "don't kill Cas" and Olivia didn't! MIRACLES! But otherwise she. is. a. psychopath. She kills and she likes it and she's such bad news but YAS I LOVE READING ABOUT HER.
Aren: I was dubious about him having a narrating POV because why sir. But turns out I love Aren. He is super powerful and yet has a lot of PTSD meltdowns and he was so well written and realistically done that I just <3 <3 <3

Oh and brief SHRIEK over Cas' guards, Mateo and Galo, who are ADORABLE and I ship them and also I love how they protect Cas like he is their cinnamon child.

This news just in: Cas is everyone's cinnamon child.

Also Violet was a new addition to the story and she is capable, smart, and lovely.

Also Cas' cousin Jovita is evil and I would like to fry her into soup.

I absolutely LOVED how it's dialogue centric too! And the dialogue is crisp and often witty. It's pretty modern humour too, which I adored, even if it didn't feel totally time-frame-appropriate BUT LIKE WHO CARES. I LOVE THESE JOKES. And the pacing was really fabulous too, because it focused on the dialogue so much. There is a lot of walking/travelling which I find dull, but at least we didn't spend years wandering in a swamp or anything. I never felt the need to nap. Which is a miracle because napping is my favourite. Second only to cake and stabbing.

The ship? So much shipping. Cas and Em are a little dysfunctional, ya know, with their people murdering each other and all that. #MinorDetails But THEY'RE STILL SO CUTE and I want them to work out and dryly sass each other into a happy marriage or death or whatever.


ALL IN ALL: This was a fabulous, engaging and thrilling sequel with a sidedish of psychotic lollipops. Obviously the best combination. It wasn't quite as good as the first book, for me, but I have really nothing to complain about because I LOVED IT STILL SO MUCH. And soft sweet Cas and wry capable deadly Em are my favourites.

George looked from Em to August. "Well, that's typical."
"I --"
"We sent you to marry one of the Flores sisters , and instead you bring us one as your prisoner," George interrupted. "What'd she do? Insult your hair?"
Em snorted. August glared at her.
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Prabh⚔ I'm so excited to read this! (but first I need to reread Ruined lolol)

C.G. Drews I'll have to reread Ruined before book 3 that's for sure. xD

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Joan Fantastic review! :)

C.G. Drews @Joan: Thanks!

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