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Insurgent by Veronica Roth
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really liked it
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Read 2 times. Last read May 1, 2012.

Wow! Just finished Insurgent last night. I cannot wait to hear everyone else's responses. Lots of twists, turns, ups and downs. Some things I am happy with, some things not. Below you will not find a review as much as a compilation of my thoughts. CAUTION: If you continue, you WILL BE SPOILED

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58.0% "Holy cow! Really heavy. I feel bad for Tris and want to kick her in the arse at the same time. Hope things work out!"
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81.0% "So unhappy with Tris's latest decision. *sigh*"
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engarde From interview with LA Times
Veronica Roth: Tobias wants Tris to be strong and is attracted to her because of her strength. That was so important for me to illustrate. They're not without their problems and they have a complicated relationship, but at the heart of it, he always believes that she's stronger than she believes she is.

evilqueen21 ****CAUTION MANY MANY SPOILERS AHEAD!!!**** Do not read this comment if you have not finished reading the book! ;)

ENG! I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU JUST SAID!!! Honestly, your thought path was exactly as my own!!! Here are my main thoughts/issues/likes:

I was happy with the connection and moments we get from Four & Tris. I swear my heart was near bursting with love for him each time he scolds/pleads to Tris in his attempt to shake her out of her death wish. Although with that being said I agree that it definitely couldn't have hurt to have more. Especially on Tris's end. I hated that she withheld all of her love for him to herself and refused to accept his b/c she was punishing herself or felt undeserving. And most importantly after her umpteenth betrayal I was near bald from pulling out my own hair and want to shake some sense back into her! What kills me most is while I didn't like *any* of her lies & betrayals. I understood and dealt with them b/c I knew she was dealing with all the aftermath from Divergent- That she was so helplessly distraught and in an out of control spiral. However after she thought she was finally & truly about to die and had her 'awakening' of wanting to fight & live. I thought we would get a surge of old Tris back. She does finally admits to Four that she loves him and I'm squeeing in happiness but then she goes and lies to him AGAIN?!!! GAAAAAHHH! Ok, yes I know Tris needs to go with her gut and find the truth I understand completely but why for the love of all things why did she have to lie & betray Tobias again?!!! The tables were turned I wanted her to beg/plead/shake some sense into Tobias make him see she was right do whatever she had to do so they could go on the mission together, to be at there best fighting side by side not against. I was sooooooo disappointed that didn't happen :(

I also was lost on all the constant flipping of sides and fractions. Holy crap with Peter especially back & forth & back & forth it was starting to get under my skin- enough already!

Marcus- Obviously I still don't trust him, never will. And clearly can never forgive him for how he treated Tobias but I'm curious as to what drives him. Why he even cares to protect the truth & then to reveal it to begin with. There is way more to him and I think its going to get truly interesting in bk 3!

Evelyn: OMG! I want to smack her! I can't stand her, I think I hate her even more than Marcus!

Christina: I wish we could have gotten more of her but I was happy with how Roth wrote her emotions and struggle to forgive Tris. It was spot on- believable and right.

Caleb: I didn't see this coming! I am so pissed! I was so happy Tris ripped into him even that little bit that she did. I have a feeling he's going to be redeemed in bk 3 but I don't know if I'll accept it. Grrrr! (but omg Four's "I'll be your family" bit! *melts into a puddle*)

Lastly the ending! EEEEEP! Not what I was expecting but I am totally hooked and ready for more! I was just so happy that it wasn't brain eating zombies outside the wall as I was so afraid it was going that route. That's been overdone in YA lately so I'm so happy it's whatever it is! lol I can't wait to read more. What caused the outside world to turn on itself?! How intriguing!!!

OK that's all I can think of off the top of my head after just finishing. I need more time to process!!! LOL

engarde I totally agree. It was interesting watching you read this title and KNOWING the parts that you were getting to by your comments. I have to give it to Tris for being her own person and not being run over by the strong male lead. The problem I had was with her self-destructive behavior. Maybe that they are both Divergent helps them understand each other. I swear, I thought on her second betrayal, their relationship was over. Imagine my horror as I continued through the book! I guess that is going to be book 3 in how the different personalities or factions work together for a common good. BTW: I forgot the "I'll be your family" comment. Must investigate! :)

evilqueen21 Thank goodness I had you to vent to! I prolly would have went bonkers not letting some of my steam off during the actual reading. LOL

Oh and OMG! That was like my favorite line in the book! It's as he is comforting her over her family being dead & Caleb's betrayal... Pg. 399 exact quote: "I'll be your family now," he says. *heart spazzems*

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