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Namesake by A.C.  Williams
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really liked it

3.5 Stars
This is a tough one to rate and review.

On one hand, it's brilliant - I loved getting to journey with the characters again, but on the other - several things happen that I'm not a fan of. Namely, people die and it's just depressing, but then Xander gets put into situations that might possibly be too far? (See content warning).

Definitely enjoyed it. The same fast paced plot of the first one, coupled with some enormous character growth make for a great book 2. I loved seeing Kale grow, even if it does come at a cost. Xander has a huge breakthrough this book and we finally learn why the syndicate is after her, and we get to find out just exactly who she is. She has a bit of a rocky journey in this book, and manages to get herself caught in a cliffhanger ending. Yeah, definitely need book 3 right about now. Seriously, so many things happened in this book and so many characters were affected. I'm still holding out faint hope for certain of them.

Content Warning:
There's a fair amount of language - but the name of God is not taken in vain. No usages of the F-bomb either. But all of the characters except Xander curse frequently, so be prepared.
Sex: a couple almost has sex a few times but the girl stops it before it can go to far. A character gets raped - you get a lead up to and an after. Then she has to deal with being under the rapist's control for a short period of time following, so there's some vague descriptions of the act, the perv threatening her again, memories, and emotions from it all. I'm not sure if this whole thing was essential to the story - I guess the main point is for the character to briefly lose and then regain her faith stronger than before.
I'd give this book an R rating, so just be prepared.

The content warning sounds bad, but I'm still going to call it a Christian book. Why? Because this book deals with things such as sacrifice, forgiveness, and the power of God's love. Xander is trapped in a future that has forgotten God, but she, for the most part, sticks to what she believes and does what's right. At the end, she decides to trust God not matter what's happened or what might happen to her. It's a good message, so definitely give this book and the series a chance!! Eagerly waiting for book 3!

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