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Silver Moon by Rebecca A. Rogers
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Jun 14, 2011

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Recommended for: wolf fans
Read from June 14 to 18, 2011

Main story: Candra is sent to live with her aunt and uncle in Connecticut as a punishment for her being such a troublemaker teen. Little did she know, a great old family feud awaits her in a town so secretive. Everybody has secrets. The new girl is lost. so alone..

Despite Candra’s difficult situation, she still managed to make me laugh. Her mind is full of witty and sarcastic remarks. What she says sometimes contradicts with what she thinks, but sorry for her she’s so easy to read and her actions speaks so loud people (even if they just met her) would know something’s up. Her character practically made an 180 degree turn: from having a tough and rebellious (?) attitude, oh yeah she’s still tough and stubborn (which leads her to trouble) but later on, she learns how to control her anger and think logically.
At first I thought the story was the usual “new girl in new town (which is a mysterious LITTLE town) meets mysterious guy, differences stray them apart, yet circumstances won’t part them because they love each other so much” charade, but NO, it wasn’t entirely that. This is what made “Silver moon” unique from other books.
So what’s different? On the love story part: obviously Candra and Ben (the guy) can manage to live without each other (they haven’t reached the point of love yet). EVen if the guy saved her couple of times, but in the end he still stuck up for his family. They both decided they can’t be together. The action part: not much action really, except that Candra was injured THREE TIMES! in less than two weeks or so. a real record breaker (worse than Bella? haha).
What just didn’t make sense to me was that why was Candra so important? (that everyone’s trying to kill her). I mean, it was explained, but it wasn’t enough of a reason..So, that’s the question that left me thinking..UNFORTUnately, the answer will be on the next book. The ending was a cliff-hanger. So much still hasn’t transpired. hmm..

overall, it was a good read. Thanks to the author Rebecca Rogers for the revised version! :)

*SPOILER! SPOILER!* Because I laughed out loud more than half the time with this book, i’d like to show my reactions! (view spoiler)
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41.0% "I like Candra, she’s funny and sarcastic."
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42.0% "i’m really confused. it was friday night. then the next day is a school day?"

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Jenna i’m reading Rebecca Roger’s newest copy (revised)...from the author herself! Thanks Rebecca! :)

Rebecca A. Rogers No problem! ;) Hope you enjoy!

Jenna thanks! I’m enjoying it! Candra’s so funny!

Jenna thanks! :)

Rebecca A. Rogers Thanks for reading! :)

Jenna Rebecca wrote: "Thanks for reading! :)"

no problem! I enjoyed! thanks!

Jenna thanks Wendy and Gabby! :)

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