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They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera
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it was amazing

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. I have been hyping it up for myself since about 2015 and it absolutely did not disappoint!

They Both Die At The End is a fascinating speculative-YA about living vs. dying. It also features a gay Puerto-Rican main character and a bisexual Cuban main character, and I am ALL ABOUT this ownvoices representation.

As always, Adam’s writing style is wonderful. His teens always speak like teens – the excessive but totally realistic amount of times Rufus said “mad” really spoke to the New Yorker in me. He excels in striking the correct balance between depth and comedy, and his talent for dark humor REALLY shined in this book. I didn’t know it was possible to laugh so much on the last day of two boy’s lives, but it happened.

Normally, I’m not a big fan of books that have super insignificant characters as an additional perspective, but I think it worked really well for this book. Throughout the novel, there are maybe 10 people additionally to Mateo and Rufus that get at least one chapter in regards to if they are dying or not today. Though I’m usually not pleased with this sort of format, it was executed extremely well. It gave us a lot of insight into how DeathCast has affected others, and it was interesting to see how so many of these seemingly unimportant character were connected to the larger part of the story.

I really loved both of our main characters. Mateo is the SMALLEST LIL BEAN, I wanted to protect him with my life. The way his anxiety manifests is very unique, unlike other fictional characters I’ve read before, and I enjoyed seeing him conquer his fears and gain control over his intrusive thoughts. Rufus, on the exterior, seem very rough around the edges, but he is actually a very compassionate, selfless individual. I think I particularly fell for Rufus hard because of that contrast between a boy hardened by trauma and a man willing to sacrifice everything for the ones he loves. Mateo and Rufus complement each other in the best way. Individually, they’re wonderfully-constructed characters. Together, they’re an unstoppable force.

I have to say, this book really transcended the pages for me. I wasn’t just concerned about the characters or the storyline, but it forced me to address my own fears regarding death. I’ve been facing a lot of severe anxiety related to death as of late, and They Both Die At The End made it impossible for me to shove those feelings down any longer. It was triggering in that respect for me, but it was more comparable to exposure therapy by compelling me to confront my issues rather than solely creating more anxiety, so ultimately, it was a positive outcome. I think it’s for that reason that TBDATE is such a powerful novel; Although Death-Cast doesn’t exist and presently we don’t have an exact expiration date, the feelings, the questions, the fears, and the rawness highlighted in this novel are all very real.

What I loved about Death Cast was how WELL DEVELOPED the world around it is. There are so many minute details about how society would be changed if we all knew we were going to die that I really appreciated seeing. I swear, I need another 7 sequels of stories set in this world because of how many possibilities there are! The only small issue I had with the novel is that I feel I didn’t understand Death-Cast that well. I understood that they can determine the day you will die with a combination of science and medicine and such, but my understanding ends there. I think I would have liked just a few more pages explaining how this totally new sort of technology worked!

All around, They Both Die At The EndAlso come hangout with Adam, Michael BookLion & I at his Lauch Party on September 5th at Barnes & Noble Tribeca @6 pm! You can find the rest of his tour dates at the link above.

I received a free copy of this book from Harper Collins at Book Expo 2017. I had no obligation to review this book and all opinions are my own.
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message 1: by Tamar (new) - added it

Tamar I'm still so salty about this book- NetGalley approved it for me and I had access to it but I was on holiday and didn't have internet, and by the time I got back they'd archived it and I couldn't view it!!
Me!! An Adam Silvera novel!! and I lost my chance!

message 2: by Claudia (new)

Claudia Rondón Since 2015? The book release date was 2017

Emma Giordano I’m friends with Adam & he told me about this book in 2015, therefore, I’ve been excited for it since then :)

Dylan I finished it all in one sitting today. Your review is spot on and I am an emotional wreck right now

Anonymous This is spot-on for me too! Especially in regards to facing my own anxiety about death. I'm so happy to see this review at the top—I relate so much and you articulate it so well!

Josie Marie I enjoyed reading this book very much, and even had to stay up late into the night in order to see it through to the finish line of clock covered end pages. However, It seemed quite slow paced to me, and though I did appreciate the messages and ideas spread throughout the story, none of them really spoke to me on a personal level. After finishing the novel I simply set it down and moved onto the next thing. Before reading this review I thought very little of it (the book),but when you started talking about the impact this story had on you, it got my gears turning and I began to think deeper about the content I had just read. I think I get it now, maybe not the way I’m planned to understand it, but the writing is more clear in a way. So... Thanks for that.

Lexi Gauthier Girl I finally read this book because of your recommendations and I AM HEARTBROKEN I LOVED RUFUS AND MATEO SO MUCH.

Ashlea Emma, this is an excellent review. We shared so many of the same views, I don't think I could have expressed how I personally felt about the book any better than this! I actually liked the mystery surrounding Death Cast. You're right that Adam incorporated it really well into every aspect of the book's society. This book taught me that not everything needs to be explained for the reader. The mystery of how Death Cast originated and where it got its information about people's deaths was what made it so intriguing to me.

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