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Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin
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Sep 25, 2016

really liked it

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Because I’m such a sucker for such themes in a love story, I couldn’t resist reading Forever My Girl. When it was offered on Bookbub.com for free, I had to download it. I’ve had it for quite some time on Kindle but never got around to reading it until a few days ago.

My initial take on it? Well, I didn’t like it.

Because I loved it!

I really enjoyed Forever My Girl. It didn’t disappoint me from the first chapter down to the last one. I was totally hooked!

To be honest, I didn’t really expect much from this book. After reading The Blackmail Club, I decided to read this because I was looking for something to help me sleep. It was even funny because I told myself I’d read only one chapter and then I’d go to bed. But it never happened.

I read chapter one, about Liam’s present life, and before I knew it, I was already in chapter six. I would’ve gone on reading but it was getting pretty late, and I really needed to catch some sleep. Otherwise, I’d be grumpy and cranky in the morning.

Putting my Kindle down was torture because I hard time sleeping after that. My mind was wandering about what’s going to happen next. It was really that interesting.

Forever My Girl is a story about two young high school sweethearts who broke up when they went to different universities.

The story starts with the present Liam. Famous, rich and a ladies’ man. Despite going home with a different woman every night, each of them either a blonde or redhead, he still pined for the one girl he left behind.

Awww… isn’t that romantic?

I was still in the first chapter and he already made it known. He’s definitely love struck and still majorly in love with the girl. And mind you, the present Liam is 10 years after he left here. Now that is something.

What I love about Liam’s character in the book that he’s such a strong guy. A man with principles, in my opinion. Even though he’s rich and famous, he still stayed true to his feelings. Any guy in his shoes and who’s been gone that long could’ve met and fell in love with someone else, probably as rich and famous as he is. He could’ve moved on when he hadn’t heard from her since that fateful night.

Although he hooked up with girls, everything was purely physical. And who could blame him when he’s got urges, right?

The least he could do to somehow remain “faithful” to Josie, his one true love, is to never be involved with someone emotionally and never do the deed to a brunette, which Josie happened to be one. So I forgave him. Hahaha! Besides, he wasn’t really cheating on her because they broke up.

From that, I find Liam’s character to be admirable. I think if a girl meets someone like him in real life, she should give him a chance because I think it’s very rare for a guy to stay in love with a girl after being apart for so long.

Moving on to Josie’s character.

What I like about her is that she’s strong and feisty. She was even able to make a life out of the mess Liam left her with and spoiling the plans they made. If I were in her shoe, I’d probably do what she did to him.

What she’d been through is something I can relate to. It’s definitely not easy to heal after someone blindsided you. You thought everything is okay and going through as you planned and then all of a sudden the person you trust your whole life decided to call it quits without ever explaining to you why. That’s not a pleasant experience at all. And with what happened to her, I’d totally understood why she had trust issues.

What I admired about Josie’s character is that even though she’s still in love Liam, she tried to remain true to her fiancee. In the end, it was madness (not Josie’s insanity, I can assure you) that ended their engagement. The ending, of course, was she chose to be with the person her heart beats the most.

I like the theme of the story, that no matter how long you’re apart, if you truly love one another you will do everything in your power to be with each other.

Although I enjoyed reading Forever My Girl, there are some things that I didn’t like. I guess I can’t have the best of both worlds with this book. Lol!

Anyway, while I really liked the book, I think it hit an anti-climax too soon that I wasn’t prepared for it. I was still in an emotional high with the story’s development and how both of them, especially Josie, are trying to fight each other’s attraction. Then all of a sudden Josie’s fiancee bailed out on her. I then knew where the story was headed. And that kind of killed the thrill. From then on it was just like a flat line. No longer fun. It’s still nice to read, though.

Now, on to the technical stuff.

The writing style is based on Liam’s and Josie’s point of views, shifting alternately in each chapter. The story is also peppered with flashbacks here and there just to give the reader an understanding of what happened in the past and what led Liam to do what he did, and why Josie steered clear from his parents even though she had to. The flashback scenes also explained why for 10 years Liam never heard from Josie. There was some miscommunication involved that’s why it took them 10 years to say what they wanted to say.

There were some typo errors and missing articles or prepositions here and there. But nothing grave that the thought is lost or the sentences were no longer understandable. I think Heidi McLaughlin’s editor or proofreader missed out on those. If you’re not that nit-picky over wrong grammar, I think you’ll enjoy the book.

Overall, Forever My Girl is an enjoyable read. You’ll like the story and the characters. You can relate easily to them. If you like The Notebook, you’ll like this too.

Personally, I’d liken it to T. Torrest’s Remember When series. Although Forever My Girl is the first book of the Beaumont series, this is a standalone novel in a way that you don’t need the next book to know if they have a happy ending or not. From what I gather, book two for the Beaumont series will be about Josie’s best friend’s love story.

Forever My Girl is easy to read and doesn’t go around in circles plot wise. And that’s why it deserves a four open books rating. Instead of letting me sleep early, it kept me awake. And that’s a good thing in this case because it means it was interesting.

Would I recommend this? Heck, yeah!

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