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Effortless Healing by Joseph Mercola
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it was ok
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My library offered this book in their e-lending library so I thought I would give it a try. The book synopsis offers "Effortless Healing", 9 simple ways to side step illness, lose weight and help your body heal itself. First let me say, if you haven't read many books about healing or health, the doctor who wrote this gives pretty generic advice; drink more water, stop drinking soda, stop eating processed foods, exercise, get enough Vitamin D and get enough sleep. These are all excellent ideas and I can tell you from personal experience that Vitamin D can play a much bigger role in your health then you might think.

The reason for the 2 star rating, is that the author, who mind you is a doctor and not a psychiatrist or psychologist, completely bashes anti-anxiety/anti-depressant drugs. He then goes on to explain how the drug industry, while pushing Paxil made up Social Anxiety. His exact words are, "Social anxiety . . previously known as shyness." Now let me stop you right there. I have several chronic illnesses, some of them include several fairly severe anxiety disorders. There is a huge difference between being shy and having Social Anxiety Disorder. And for a doctor to put that in this book makes me angry. One of the reasons there is such a stigma about mental health is because people are uneducated about the area of mental illnesses and this author is one of the people who are increasing that sigma by saying things like the above mentioned quote. I am very anti-prescription drugs. I have been on so many in my life time and they caused way more harm than good. But my health conditions require that I take medication. And it took years to get down to one medication. I understand everyone's concern with "big pharma" but they also need to realize that there are many people who require medication, whether for a mental disorder or a physical condition and they have no other choice.

My other problem with this book is the author addresses chronic illnesses such as Chrohns Disease as literally something that can be fixed with the right amount of Vitamin D. I am sure that it was an isolated case, but I know several people with Chrohns and I assure you that if Vitamin D would "cure" them, they would be off their steroids and prescription medications ASAP. Not all chronic illness can be cured or even helped by things like exercise, sleep and vitamins. I assure you, as someone who suffers from several, I have tried every natural alternative I have ever found. Some are helpful, some can be harmful, some have no effect.

If you are an overall healthy person with no mental illness or physical conditions and are trying to improve your overall health, I would say you might find this book helpful. Otherwise, I wouldn't waste your time reading it.
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message 1: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Buhrke Lol this author sounds like a dork. Now I'm all for trying to do things more "naturally" as I personally, don't like drugs. But I use to have SEVERE anxiety when I was in a terrible relationship for about 5 years that just beat me down to nothing and although I tried everything to steer clear of going on medication, there was one day I realized how bad my anxiety had gotten that I was embarrassed at not being able to do such simple, every day things. And at that time, that medication helped me IMMENSELY. Once I left that and ended up with my husband, I realized the stem of my issues and was able to wean off and never look back. Also, my sister-in-law had Crohn's when she was little. Tell her the giant scar on her tummy and missing intestines could have been cured from taking some vitamins and I'd pay to see how she reacts to that...

message 2: by Barb (new) - added it

Barb Lawrence There's a link with anxiety and gut health. I wonder if you treated yourself for leaky gut, if your symptoms would at the very least diminish?

Shannon (Mrsreadsbooks) I know all about the connection between the mind and body. For some, like me, mental disorders are something we have been dealing with out while life. It’s biological and genetic in nature. I assure you if could fix the mental illness with some bone broth to heal leaky gut, I certainly would have done so. I’ve tried every natural and holistic remedy you can imagine.

Shannon (Mrsreadsbooks) Yes Ashley this author was quite annoying. I agree, medication is necessary for certain people and at certain times. Exactly, I have relatives with Crohns and they have all had multiple surgeries. Vitamins don’t fix everything.

message 5: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Definitely not going to be reading this one. I have Crohn’s disease as well as several other chronic conditions. I get aggravated when people make assumptions without any knowledge. If they go to seek knowledge and end up reading a book like this, it would only make it worse. Plus I would hate for it to give people false hope. They’re called “chronic” illnesses for a reason; you’re always going to have them.

message 6: by Debby (new) - added it

Debby Actually, I know several people who were saved from Colostomy bags and Crohns related surgeries through drinking Kangen water. For them, it ended the monthly trips to the ER, the pain and the need for medication. I think, as a nation, we have bought into Pharma and are missing the boat for good health. No one is saying your diseases are wrong or don't exist, simply that they have been caused in great measure in our country by the FDA allowed substances and GMO foods. I have friends who have celiac disease here, but when they go to Europe and have the fresh made bread with no ill effects....if they move there - no more celiac disease. Just something to consider.

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