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Harley & Rose by Carmen Jenner
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Sep 19, 2016

it was amazing
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Read from October 20 to 22, 2016

**5 Bad Ass Bitch Stars***
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Where do I even start? As of this moment, there are 209 reviews for Harley and Rose, mine will make 210. If you've gotten this far and are still deciding whether or not to read it, you might be a little dumb. (And I mean that in the nicest way possible)

So, back to my review. I bought this book based off of the suggestions of some good friends of mine, although now I might be rethinking that "good friends" part. Who suggests a book that has the power to RIP your heart from your body and show it to you still beating out of your chest. Those are not good friends (or maybe they are the best of friends--I haven't figured it out.)

Our story starts with the beautiful Rose (Wendy), and her equally as handsome best friend Harley (Pan) at his "Fuck-This-Bitch-and-Her-Leaving-Me-At-The-Altar-Cry-Fest" Party. And by party, I mean his head deep in her chest, drunk and bawling like La Ganja Estranja and the night she got eliminated. And don't judge, Carmen made me DIE laughing when she referenced my favorite show RuPauls Drag Race! The Shade of it All!

"On the flipside, some of the pieces of my shattered heart are jumping for joy. This makes me a horrible friend because I shouldn't be happy right now. I shouldn't be, but I am"

Rose dusts them off, packs their bags and takes them on his honeymoon to Hawaii. Sure she's hesitant to go, and her mom's like "Hold up...What?" But she does it anyways, because what are friends for?

At this point in the story, you start to really catch a glimpse into the relationship that Harley and Rose seem to share. There isn't really any personal space, and no need to turn around when getting dressed. They've seen it all, tasted it all, and touched every inch. It's hot, charming, and a little sad, that this couple, who seems to care so greatly for one another (almost as if they are still in love), aren't actually together? You may even start to get a little confused. But WAIT, there's more.

"And you've seen it before." He shrugs. "You two were getting close on the plane a few hours ago--are you really freaking out about my junk now?"

Carmen, like the brilliant and talented writer she is, starts giving us BACK STORIES! YAYS!!! Prom, Thanksgiving, Sandpit throwing, nothing is left out when it comes to the flashbacks between most of the chapters, and to know AS THE STORY unfolds, how we got to this point, is brilliant.

Now, onto the part where I wanted to rip out my eyes, and heart, put them in a blender and pour my tears over it.
*Insert Dramatic eye roll here*

After Hawaii, things start heating up between our two on again, off again lovers. Harley with all his beauty and his sarcasm and witty words is the man of my own dreams. I love him. He is a character you want to hate so bad, but in the back of your mind, and your heart, you can't do it, and neither can Rose. The love between the two of them is absolutely palpable. Rose is torn between giving Harley her heart, yet again, or moving on to the sexy, older, I imagine a softer, Christian-Grey-at-50-type, Dermot. Although he's a side character I kinda fucking loved him too. Hey Rose, you can pass him over to me if you'd like ;).

"So, this bitch is going to swoon like a whore in church at the second coming of Christ, and no one can say shit about it."

But Rose's mind is made up after Harley delivers a beautiful gift to her and then does dirty wicked things to her right after.

"Give me it Love," He says against the shell of my ear and my skin pulls taut with goosebumps as I smile at his words. "I've waited too damn long to hear those cries come from your mouth again."

P.S. I don't recommend looking up "My Wedding Affair" on google for Gif's. You will NOT find what you're looking for!

Anywho, I've sidetracked a little. After a beautiful night with Harley, Rose doesn't see him again for SIX. FUCKING. WEEKS. At this point I'm a little fucking ticked off with him, and I'm almost starting to root for Dermot (Just Kidding). They had some good chemistry too, but just like Rose, we all know it'll never work. She loves Harley just too much.

And then.... Fuck..... then..... I'm gonna give a PSA. Do NOT work in a call center and read the last 10 chapters of this book. Just don't do it. Take your queue from me, and read this in the privacy of your own home, curled in a blanket, a box of tissues at the ready, as well as wine, chocolate, and ice cream. You're going to need it. You think I'm kidding? Yeah no... promise... you'll need it all.

"Was it because you didn't love me enough? Or because you loved me too much?" I say, and I know my words have hit their mark because it's as if could pinpoint the second his heart breaks."

I haven't cried so hard in my adult life......EVER. And then my God Damn phone would ring at work, and I'd have three seconds to wipe my tears and put on a happy face so I could answer a call from some weird idiot that didn't understand that my LIFE WAS FALLING APART. Only to end that call and commence with the overflow of tear duct water.

I'm not telling you what happened, because even though I was warned that this book was a tear jerker, I was still not prepared. I wasn't ready to feel the intense emotional pain. I wasn't ready to feel like my own world had collapsed, shifted and put back together with a few missing pieces. I wasn't prepared for the term "It Isn't Fucking Fair" to course through my head the entire day. This book sunk me to a low I haven't previously felt before. It was cathartic, and beautiful, as well as traumatizing and heartbreaking.

If you've read this far, and still haven't bought it, I don't know what more I can say to change your mind. This was by far one of my favorite reads of 2016, and one I will remember for years to come, or anytime I need a good ugly cry. Carmen Jenner, you are absolutely stunning in your writing, and I cannot wait to read more of your work. You pulled me from my own, slightly dull, world into yours, where you made me feel things.... beautiful things.... ugly things, and I thank you so much.
Pick up your copy of Harley and Rose today. I can't recommend it enough.

Purchased and Reviewed by The Royal Bitch from Bitches N’ Books
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