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Imager by L.E. Modesitt Jr.
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Jun 13, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy
Read in June, 2011

It's more of a 3.5 however..
What made this otherwise intriguing and thought provoking novel lackluster would be perhaps the excessive detailing of mundane day-to-day life of an imager. Some details were really unnecessary, such as what they had for lunch, what the protagonist noticed etc, because those doesn't contribute to the plot at all. The story line was less than exciting I would say, and so slow progressing I lost interest at points in time.

But I also understand that being the first book of the series, the background has to be laid out for readers to enter a whole new world. Well, until now I don't really understand the days of the week. Is Lundi monday? hmm.

What really appealed to me were all the long series of questions posed to poor Rhenn by Master Dichartyn among others. Really made me think. And I found myself agreeing once and again to them.
Then there's all the politics and trade. That I didn't understand much, and i find myself skimming over those bits.

I wish I have a teacher who asks me all the difficult questions and forces me to think.
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Jekloneo I wish I were schooled that way too. One mentor who grills you relentlessly on all your subjects and actually makes you think. Like Brom in Eragon too. Wait, it was Brom, right? Is my memory as bad as I think it is?

Phearsa Yup, it is!
But now that you mentioned it, gosh, I think i practically forgot about the construct of that world.
Sigh. Probably will have to reread everything again before reading the last book.

Jekloneo SAME!!! DAMN I need to get a move on. I haven't revised anything yet?!

Phearsa Um, if it feels any better, ME TOO!
Dang. I hate I&I.
oh and i read imager's challenger too..
gonna update it soon..

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