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Hate List by Jennifer Brown
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Jun 12, 2011

Hate List is about a young girl named Valerie who is a senior at Garvin High. She falls in love with a boy named Nick. The couple are outsiders at the school and get bullied frequently. They get called names and are constantly insulted by the students. One day they decided to vent their anger in a notebook called the “Hate List”. They write down people’s names that get on their nerves, bully them, and disrespect them. People can get on the list for doing stupid things like drop and iPod. Valerie takes the list as a joke, but Nick takes it too completely. One day Nick decides to take a gun to school and shoot all of the people on the list. On accident he shoots Valerie in the leg. After he had shot everyone he needed to he shot himself. The book occurs after the shooting. It mainly focuses on Valerie’s life after the shooting.
The characters were very real to me. They seemed to have a very relatable personality. They did have their weaknesses but overall they were relatable. Valerie was a very interesting girl. You begin to actually see how she has grown since the shooting. She is now a more emotional girl and she is not scared to show her emotions. One of the things that I didn’t like about the characters was that they were overly dramatic in some parts.
My favorite part of the book was the overall theme. The message was a really good reality check for the young adults who would be reading this book. The theme is very good because it makes the teens more aware about how they interact with other students. It shows how little small things can affect others. Just like how the popular people made Valerie and Nick feel bullied. The reason why I didn’t like this book was it took a very long time for something to happen in the book so it began to get boring in the middle.
Jennifer Browns style is crude humor and tragedy mixed into one. Some of the things in the book offended me but overall I liked her style. For me this book was very hard for me to get into and I feel that that was because it didn’t have many small climaxes throughout the book. But, my sister also read it and she felt it was wonderful and she couldn’t put it down.
I would recommend this book to people who bully others and also my friends. I would recommend this book to bully’s for obvious reasons. But, I would make sure that my friends read this book because some of them don’t think before they speak. They always say things that offend me. Sometimes I feel that I would put them on my hate list if I had one.
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