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City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
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Jun 12, 2011

Read from June 24 to July 12, 2011

The plot of this book, such as it is, has been summarized elsewhere, so I'll skip to some quick impressions.

The Good:
-Simon's powers are interesting, and I think his curse could be good fodder for a novel.
-Simon and Jace and and Kyle have good chemistry, and I like reading scenes with the three of them together.

The Bad:
-The "plot" is a mess. The book consists of Jace and Clary angst with some elements of an interesting idea for a plot occasionally interrupting the moping and the making out.
-Jace and Clary. I liked these characters once. I still get flashes of like, but the author could have avoided the moments where I wished they would go full on Romeo and Juliet for real by letting them be the supporting characters they were supposed to be. Jace and Clary popping up in a Simon-centered book with a real plot? Awesome. Jace and Clary pointlessly whining while the actual plot gets thrown in the background? Boring.
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All in all, I can't even figure out how to rate this book. I loved the original trilogy, and I can see the promise here. The problem is that the author let a relationship which needed some time in the background take front and center in a book where it was only a small part of the larger plot.

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