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Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson
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Jun 12, 2011

liked it
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I have a love/hate relationship with Lia. I liked her at times and at times I disliked her. At one point, I wanted her mom to give up on her because I felt myself giving up on her. I can see her wanting attention from her parents and not getting it causing problems, but to blame it all on her parents, I did not agree. My parents worked long hours and I didn't get the attention I wanted, not only that I had to share it with my disabled sister and little brother. I understand people work out their own issues differently, but from what I can see it's white rich girl problems. I know it is difficult to have self-image issues that trascend to doing things like eating disorders to healthier options as exercise, but I can't relate completely because when she spoke about food, I got hungry and wanted to eat (and I did!). I cannot imagine myself starving to death. I had my own weight battle and self-image issues, but I opted to exercise and take care if myself. I liked her raw honesty, but I dislike her for dragging it out more than it had to be dragged out. Overall, I did like the story and it did question my own perception as a daughter, what would have my parents done? Shoved food down my throat! As a parent, what would I do? Shove food down her throat! J/K I am raising my daughter to be healthy. She is only two and I know the battle is not so much with her, but with her future friends and society. I don't make a big deal about food. She eats what she is served. We have no junk food in the house and when we go out she eats from my plate. I don't serve chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and dessert. There is no need for that. Let's put it this way, her favorite vegetable is broccoli. Parents make picky eaters, picky eaters are not born. I went on a tangent! Ha!

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