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La Luxure by C.D. Hussey
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Jun 12, 2011

it was amazing

OK, lets try this again ... my whole review was deleted :(

Wow! Just, wow! I cannot say enough good things about this "different" kind of vampire book. I was in need ... I was bored ... I was ready to give up. Paranormal romance just wasn't doing it for me any more. C.D. Hussey took care of all my needs with La Luxure,which is more than a love story and probably not really a paranormal. This is a damned hard review to write because I can't tell you much about the book or I'll ruin it for you; and you really should download this book yourself. Its cheap at $2.99, more than worth the price.

Armand is our vampire, and boy, is he scrumptious! He wears frock coats sometimes and black silk slacks others. He's got a 6-day a week workout body and beautiful hazel eyes that make your head spin. He's got shoulder-length dark hair and white skin and lots of tats. He's also the owner of La Luxure, a Goth "underground" club that caters to New Orleans ... Community. Julia is our "normal" girl, and she's just that: normal. She's an engineer (and don't we all know what engineers are like, right?), owns a cat and leads a boring life that is ... boring. Her sister (Clare) is the wild one; even tho they are wholey different, they are the wonderfully close kind of sisters that talk every day and tell the other everything. But Clare doesn't really know that Julia is dissatisfied with her boring life, her boring dates and non-existant sex life (you thought I was going to say "Boring", right? Snicker) and when she heads to sexy New Orleans for a convention ("Emergency Utility Management During Manmade or Natural Catastrophes"), Julia decides to make some changes. She wants to BE that character in a romance novel for once! Clare pushes her to have a NOLA fling with ANYBODY. Of course she meets the bad boy vampire and is intrigued. Surprisingly, Armand is too. Julia finds she can talk to him, in fact, her mouth can't seem to stop when she's around him. They get into a conversation at the bar and this most incredible story takes off from there.

Julia may be the boring girl (her words, not mine) but IMO she's the Teacher. She unknowingly gets into a pretty profound conversation with Armand the first night, one that tells us a bit about who she is underneath Boring Julia:

"This bar plays the best music," she admitted, like it was some excuse {she was chair-dancing :)].  Once again his expression was slightly perplexed.  "I know, I know. I don't look the type." "I try not to base my conclusions of a person on appearance alone," he told her. "Oh, but you'd be right.  It's my sister that keeps me interesting.  If Clare wasn't forever breaking me out of my comfort zone I'd be completely boring, listening to Top 40 and wondering why I didn't like it."   "You're here though.  And I don't think I see your sister." She smiled.  "I suppose so. But trust me, I'm still boring." "I doubt that."  His eyes lifted and she followed his line of sight.  The couple was just emerging from the locked room.  The woman's perfect pin curls were slightly tousled, her pencil skirt a little askew. She wore the most satisfied expression and her movements were smooth and languid. The man had the same, "I just had the best sex," or "I'm completely faded," expression and Julia would have written it off as either or both until she noticed two perfect puncture wounds on his neck.  A teardrop of blood seeped from one and when the woman turned and saw it, she used a finger to wipe it off, and then, very suggestively, licked the blood from her finger.  Catching Julia's startled gaze, the woman flashed a slightly blood-smeared grin at her and winked. Holy. Shit.  Julia turned back to Armand, who was watching her carefully.  She tried to play it off like what she'd seen was the most normal thing, to be as nonchalant as possible.  "Well, I wouldn't feel bad for judging people based on appearance from time to time," she said quickly. "I mean, I do think that people to tend dress to be judged. If they're able, of course.  The guy wearing a football jersey usually wants you to know he likes football."  She was talking way too fast, she could tell by the way the words seemed to blend together.  Armand probably thought she was the biggest kook at this point, but Julia couldn't stop herself.  "But as long as we remember to use our brains and not just our eyes," she continued on in spite of her brain trying to will her mouth to stop moving. "And we recognize that there might be more than what's presented on the surface, we should forgive ourselves for judging 'a book by its cover' from time to time."  She really needed to just shut up. This prattling nonsense was annoying.

So much of the time we judge by a person's looks. Julia and Armand show us why we need to be careful of making "snap judgements". That's the serious side to LL. As for the fun side, this book is SEXY. Of course NOLA is sexy and vampires are sexy but in this case, the sex is sexy! Altho there is not really that much of it,when Julia and Armand have it, they show how to make love. I've gotten so jaded lately that I find myself skimming over sex scenes more often than not. Thank you, C.D., for getting me right-ways again!

So its like this, just read the book. I was so very impressed that I found myself getting depressed around 3/4 through. Luckily there is a blurb at the end letting me know to expect another LL book *thank heavens*!
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C.D. Hussey
“Please?" A growl errupted somewhere deep in his throat.

"Put your doe eyes away," he said into her ear. "Begging will only get us both into trouble."

C.D. Hussey, La Luxure: Discover Your Blood Lust

C.D. Hussey
“If I kiss you now," he whispered as if he'd read her mind....

"I won't be able to stop there."

C.D. Hussey, La Luxure: Discover Your Blood Lust

C.D. Hussey
“Except maybe when you're fucking Joe Football, you never get confused and think you're actually fucking a Saints player.

C.D. Hussey, La Luxure: Discover Your Blood Lust

C.D. Hussey
“Normally, Julia liked her romance novels to be a little edgier, with leather-clad, tattooed vampires that had drug problems or were once sex slaves”
C.D. Hussey, La Luxure: Discover Your Blood Lust

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