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Guardian by Jennifer Quintenz
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it was amazing

As the dust settles and goodbyes are said, grief and depression, and vengeance too, are the scents which flavour the air. Taking stock of the what, the how and the why, are the first steps of a new day; some four or so days after the devastation in Puerto Escondido. As Braedyn retreats to her garden, evidence of the tight rope she precariously now walks is found not on the surface of her roses, but at the core where only a smithering of life remains.

Actions have consequences, and despite the ultimate lesson taught by Hale's wissened philosophy - that it matters not who or what you are, but what you do, Braedyn remains a fundamental exemplar of what 'is' done is exempt from the 'why' it was done. Standing on the precipice of the warned plummet into hell and it's irreversible future of a life only as a demon, one cannot help but wonder if it was ever really possible for her to both fight the good fight, and still have an opportunity to become human?

Mistakes were inevitably involved, some from making wrong choices and some from when no other choice was deemed possible. The destiny set for Braedyn by Paul's sacrifice to her Lilitu mother, was preordained by her planned roles with the Guard. Murphy, having raised her with love and human morals might have meant to ensure decision making principles from a human perspective; but, she is still to be judged by the shortest yard-stick of them all, simply by factor of what she is. As such, her mistakes are infinitely more detrimental for her tenuous hold on her soul. The notions of being 'damned if you do and damned if you don't' perhaps never more ideologically preordained than if they were for any other than her or Karayan.

The gaps left by Hale's absence is filled by the head of the Guard, Terrence Clay. Its through dealings with Clay that the protections once offered by Hale's acceptance of Braedyn and Karayan are truly revealed. Clay's preparedness to use anything and everyone to get his zealot plans in place, show Braedyn just what having a despot running the Guard means. Indeed, to an outsider missing the benefits of context and the knowledge found in books one through three, its likely an observer would draw the wrong conclusions of who the demon really is.

Whatever else Braedyn knows about her position in the Guard, she now knows that by failing to trust in Karayan's experience and her dire warnings, she's now put her loved ones in greater danger, for now their risks too are coming from multiple directions. Its with this knowledge and much more that Braedyn comes to realise she's never been more alone than since the day she learnt of her heritage, some two years ago. The isolation created by Clay, sees allies becoming haggard, and new support once again coming from the halls of Coronardo Prep.

Many enemies, apart from the previously known, now come from the group she has sacrificed much to help. When the tallies are counted and the sun sets on yet another winter solstice, the spiritual world will have undergone it's greatest upheaval since His first creations were ejected from Eden. But, don't breath, don't blink, don't turn your heads from the pages; Guardian will dazzle your senses and elicit your emotions. And once you've finished, your appreciation of great writing will be as redefined as the new world order from which new novels will arise; for now, the battle that's been frozen in time since around humankinds development can now be fought, and from it's outcome - its winner takes all.

After reading Guardian's predecessors, and by that I do mean each of them respectively, I suspected Jenn would be hard pressed to top them all; nonetheless, The Daughters of Lilith novels keep managing to supersede each of their former stories. Going away from completing Guardian you'll be sure to wonder if there's anything at all which the series won't manage to do. Get your teeth into Thrall, Incubus, Sacrifice and Guardian, and I confidently predict you'll be signing up for the newsletter in anticipation of book five.

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