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Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson
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it was amazing
Read 3 times. Last read January 2, 2019 to January 11, 2019.

I never realized I would be able to read a book twice, let alone three times. Yet this is the first book I read for 4 times. And each time is a blast. It is also starting to feel like a new year resolution to try to get to the rest of the Malazan series reads. Let's see if this is the Malazan year for me!

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The third read confirms 5 stars. This is one of the best fantasy series; not only the complexity and the world building awards this rating but also the characters' development and empathy is uncanny.

I am looking forward to a lot of comments to sparkle the conversation!

- - -
This is a re-read of the Gardens of the Moon (GotM). Originally I gave this book 4 stars but this re-read made me love the series again, the details I noticed this time around were just more spectacular than ever.
Where to start? I would say that this is a series born out of a game that was developed by Erikson and Esslemont. This means really that the world was fully developed and the understanding of the same is clear in Erikson's head and it shows.
Now, this is a book that requires the reader to make an effort to genuinely understand this book. This is a complicated fantasy series yet a genuine gem. A high fantasy lover will appreciate this book and the series itself - I would go as far as to say that reading the first book of GotM will really determine whether you love the series or not. I felt in love with it, the details, the interaction among the characters, the plain(s) of interaction is all I was looking for in a fantasy book.

The characters are so likeable - they have depth and development. Magic is there - possibly the only flaw of the book is that the magic is not really explained so you have to take it at face value, which is not a bad thing to do here. There are new races - Tiste Andii blew my mind and I am in love with Anomander Rake, like with half of the great characters here. There are gods - Cotillion is my other favorite of all times - who interact in the human world to achieve their goals; there are several levels of interaction that will open a brand new world for you.

I am having a hard time to determine what to start with in discussing this book. All the elements I described above are essential to the success of this book.
Let's start from how much I get involved in the GotM. When I really like a book, I have always created a brand new character which would be me and I would insert her in the story to be able to interact with the world I am experiencing in the book. And what would l love to be in this book is actually a Bridgeburner ("... a bridge of stone, lit by ruby flames") working with Whiskeyjack and his team. Quick Ben and Kalam just are the almost inseparable added value, those who run the risks associated with the god plain and successfully bring the crew out alive. And I would love an interaction with Cotillion (view spoiler). Captain Paran has an incredible story (view spoiler).
Sorry is just incredibly scary throughout the book and she will be essential to so many elements of the story you should keep an eye on her, if you can.

The story is a story about conquest, an empire expanding its territory where it is not welcome, a military conquest; a story about political intrigue that goes way beyond the human plain, gods interact and love to interaction; this is a story about revenge and how to carry it with the most devastating consequences for the men and/or women responsible for the grief (in this specific detail, the series reminds me of the Count of Montecristo by Alexander Dumas; but only for this specific detail).
A story where magic loses to gods but magic uses gods powers and ability (view spoiler), where mad puppets can interact with the world and become your new nightmare; a story in which fat harmless men are the best mages and spies you will ever encounter.

The writing is also pleasant and you will find yourself vested in the lives and stories of all the characters, irrespective of which side you pick in the series. I can only wish for each and every fantasy lover to start the series and, hopefully, fall in love with it the way I did. This is a very high point of the fantasy community. I am also looking forward to when this series will become a TV show. I think it is time for this to happen (not a movie though I believe a movie would not be able to capture all the amazing details) and I wonder if there is a petition that can be signed.
I am actually already mentally tripping into actors who could portray the characters - oh my. Yes, I will elaborate on my blog about this!

What are your thoughts about the book? Did you love it? If not, what were your concerns about the series? I am genuinely interested in understanding why this book would not appeal!
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3.0% "Yes, I am doing it again. But I am also trying something new - looking for feedback!!"
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19.0% "So much fun. I am even absorbing details beyond what happened to me in the past!"
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47.0% "Just so good."
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Amanda I loved the book and have now dedicated all of 2017 and the scant bit of reading time I have to focus on this series and so far it is not disappointing!
I am curious which actors you have cast so far.... A tv series for this book on a budget like GoT would/could be amazing!

Solseit I am going to read the whole series this year too Amanda (partially re-read mostly read)!

I am glad you are loving the Malazan Book of the Fallen Craig! I even think a re-read will blow your mind - as it is doing with me!

message 3: by Sebastien (new)

Sebastien Bienfait its going to take you a lot longer than a year to re read this entire series, it to me between 2 and 1/2 years to read it the first time

Solseit Sebastien wrote: "its going to take you a lot longer than a year to re read this entire series, it to me between 2 and 1/2 years to read it the first time"

Well, if that is the case so be it! I just want to be more structured in my approach. One book a month - if I can make it, awesome. If I cannot, then it will take longer!

edge of bubble great review!

look at him! who wouldn't love him. sigh. drool. swoon.

Solseit Thank you!

Lundos Spot on. Awesome review Aristea.

Mayim de Vries Aristea friend, I totally loved the book. It went beyond and above my expectations and I'm very happy I started my new reading year with this series.

Solseit I am so glad to read this comment Mayim! This is really a series that either makes it through your heart and interest or it does not! Happy to see GotM made it in the first category for you!

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