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Not That Kind of Girl by Siobhan Vivian
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Jun 11, 2011

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It didn’t matter if I was the kind of girl who had sex, or the kind of girl who had her portrait on a wall in the library, or the kind of girl who got into the best college, or the kind of girl who didn’t tell her parents everything, or the kind of girl who teachers loved.
I just needed to be okay with all the kinds of girl I was.

Girl Power: Natalie is definitely feisty and able to stand up for herself. She’s also defensive to the point of bitchiness, very set in her ways, and judgmental. That being said, I really really liked her. : ) She was tough, not only on herself but on others but throughout the book her relationships with her friends, her teacher Ms. Bee, and Connor allow her to see that she can be more than just one ‘type’ of girl. Being with Connor forces her to drop her defenses and take risks she would otherwise not have taken. Her growth as a character felt very natural and by the end of the book she was the type of girl that I could possibly see myself being friends with. She’s also witty and sarcastic, which I absolutely love. When Natalie FINALLY does something out of the ordinary for her and takes a chance on Connor I mentally cheered.

Crushometer: Man oh man I LOVED Connor. Connor is a football player but Siobhan Vivian writes him as more than just your stereotypical jock. He’s sexy, yes, but he’s also about more than getting sex from a girl. He’s the one who pursues a relationship with Natalie while she fervently denies that she has feelings him (although we know she does). He goes out of his way to do nice things for her even when she doesn’t seem to appreciate them, and honestly he seems more open to his emotions than Natalie does. And did I mention that he’s sexy?

“I’d give my left arm for a chance to chat up Connor Hughes.
That boy is…ungodly hot. He looks like he’s been raised on whole milk and fresh blueberry muffins.”

I really enjoyed Not That Kind of Girl, partially because our girl Natalie is portrayed as the semi-mysterious, semi self-involved, emotionally distant and relationship resistant role that I find usually goes to the guys in YA books. I liked seeing Natalie open herself up and focus on things other than her ambition. Don’t get me wrong a girl with ambition is hot, but a girl with tunnel vision…not so much. : ) This book also had some really interesting secondary characters, my favorite being Spencer, the Freshman girl whom Natalie attempts to ‘take under her wing’. Give it a read, you won’t be disappointed! You can pick up a copy here and check out the author, Siobhan Vivian, here.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite scenes.

“I don’t need anybody’s wood. I can buy my own wood,” I spat back, allowing my annoyance to clearly come through. It was only when everyone started cracking up that I realized what I’d implied. I walked away as fast as I could, and dreamed about a tragic accident where Mike’s crotch caught fire.

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