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Rose by Jeff Smith
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Jun 10, 2011

really liked it
Read from June 10 to 13, 2011

Smith,Jeff.(2009). Bone Rose. New York:Scholastic.(136pp)

Have you ever wanted to control yours and others dreams and things you dream of actually come to life well thats what Bone Rose is about. I personally loved this book thats why I gave it four stars the action and hatred between two sisters cant get any bigger. Jeff Smith did a great job in this terrific book.

The main characters in Bone Rose is Rose Silverstar and Briar Silverstar and both of them are sisters and princesses of Agathia. The problem that Briar has is that her dreaming eye is closed and the dreaming eye that she doesn't have prevents her from being queen. Rose has the emotion of love because when luke the headmaster of the veni-yu (which is the royal army)is transporting the princesses to the old mans cave (where the princesses will take their final test before becoming queen) he give sighns to rose showing he likes her.

The genre of this book is graphic novel because it had pictures throughout the book explaining what was happening. This book is the prequel to the bone series. This as a tremendous book and is one of my favorite in the series.

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message 1: by Mrs. McLeod (last edited Jul 14, 2011 01:02PM) (new)

Mrs. McLeod Pablo:

Overall, you produced a very well organized book review!

You left with me questions about some things, which, if you provided some examples or further explanation, your readers would not be confused about. For example, I didn't understand what a "dreaming eye" was nor where "Agathia" is, what world? Providing some elaboration would have cleared up these questions for your readers. A wise teacher once told me to "assume your reader knows nothing about your topic!

There are some convention issues in this piece which you would probably spot if you read it aloud to yourself. That always works for me!

Your lead holds promise and the use of parenthesis shows you to be an emerging writer of some sophistication - keep that up!

Nice work!

~Mrs. McLeod

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