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Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Jun 09, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: urban-fantasy
Read from June 07 to 09, 2011

This is still not a return to the old Anita Blake, but it's considerably closer than we've gotten for some time. Only ONE (!!!!) sex scene, and it wasn't quite so badly written as they usually are. No horrible, horrible relationship chats where her men try to teach her to be a girl. Edward returns, and Olaf too (I know he's creepy as heck but the way Anita's been going, I can't help thinking he might be her perfect match. *grin*)

But...there was still plenty of terrible in this book, mainly the writing. Hamilton needs to take the 'no editing' clause out her contract immediately. She takes PAGES to say the most inane things that any decent writer could get done in half a page. Everyone has to talk everything to death. Someone says a perfectly clear, understandable statement, and then Anita has to take two pages to "clarify" what was meant. And everyone is starting to talk the Anita, with her 'nothing can ever be simple' way of speech. Here's a sample bit of dialogue from a bad guy who is trying to intimidate and frighten her:

"You aren't afraid, and you're thinking of something. What are you thinking that has helped you let go of your fear of just a moment ago?"

Yeah, like a bad guy's gonna take a step back for a little psychoanalyzing mid-terrorizing. And if he did, would he really phrase it like that? And then his co-bad guy wants to touch Anita's hair, because it looks so "soft".

And the description sucks too, because she writes the most in-need-of-editing description I've ever seen. Sample:

"I shrugged, not always the most comfortable thing in the shoulder holster. It made me have to resettle the straps with a shoulder movement THAT LOOKED LIKE WHAT IT WAS, adjusting a strap on a holster that wasn't quite comfy." (caps mine)

Gee, Anita, what OTHER sort of movement could you use to resettle a shoulder holster strap? And what ELSE could said movement resemble? The good thing about this kind of dialogue and description is that it kept me pretty amused. I laughed all the way through the book. The great pity is that this book COULD have been good, if she'd had a good editor. For once the story was actually about something other than Anita screwing new men and gaining new powers and having everyone who isn't screwing her be jealous of her. Oh wait...that last one actually did happen in this book. A lot. Nothing makes for more riveting reading that pages and pages of Anita explaining to everyone that the reason the cops/nurses/whatever that don't like her is because she's so gorgeous and perfect and manly. *eye roll*
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message 1: by Sara (new)

Sara >:{

(That is me frowning upon LKH with the very depths of my soul.)

momokaachan totally agree with your review, tho my rating is a bit more forgiving. Is it that she has a minimum word count to fill because people complained that Flirt was too short?

Alisa Kester momokaachan wrote: "totally agree with your review, tho my rating is a bit more forgiving. Is it that she has a minimum word count to fill because people complained that Flirt was too short?"

I doubt it. From reading her blog, I get that she basically has the idea that she's perfect, and doesn't need any help editing. That's a poor attitude for a writer; I don't care how great you are (or think you are) you can still benefit from an editor. I'm just a bit frustrated with her, because this book was *so close* being like one of her earlier ones...when there was still a plot besides sex and power.

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