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it was ok

Hm ok I’m not too sure where to start with this one.

First and foremost, I read this IMMEDIATELY after having finished the first two books in the Sugar Bowl Series. The common denominator between this book and that series? Both have a heroine who is a rape survivor. Granted, the stories do differ. But in all my ignorance, I did not go into this book expecting that trope, it was pretty obvious around the 30% mark that that was the direction the story was going to take. So, while I wasn’t thrilled by the incorporation of Georgia as a rape victim, I also didn’t like the way it was implemented.

The rape itself occurred during Georgia’s senior year of high school. The details are never explained, which doesn’t particularly bother me. But the rape is this ominous event that wasn’t spoken of for practically the entirety of the story, but suddenly she’s willing to disclose to one of her "clients":
"When I was eighteen, something terrible happened to me. After I was raped, this was how I learned to feel confident again.”
The scene during which the disclosure occurred does little to justify how absurd it felt to me. I understand that it was likely included to signify character development, but it wasn't believable.

I hate to do this, but this felt too much like The Deal.

I did like that poor communication in relationships was something that was addressed:
“I think we could have saved ourselves a lot of pain if we’d talked it through.”

I didn't like that this was a case of a character who is mega hot and everyone wants to get with her but OH MY GOD she's so clueless she has no idea how hot she is. Georgia's best friend Becca tells her:
"You are the most clueless human alive, you know that? Half these guys are in love with you"
Georgia even goes so far as to tell someone who approached her "I’m pretty clueless sometimes". Again, this is another thing that's present in so many characterizations, it drives me insane.

LAST thing that annoyed me: There was this whole thing in the first chapter where Georgia wore 3 INCH PRADA HEELS and they were consistently referred to as stilts, like Georgia is a weak bitch 3 inches are KITTEN HEELS, get you some 5 inch+ heels girl, miss me with that nonsense.

Alright, I am now done. Sorry for all the negativity. My job search in a new city is going atrocious. That may be a contributing factor to why I'm in such a foul mood, so don't let this review put you off reading this. Sarina Bowen is a fantastic author. If you're not bothered by some of the things that bother me, and you're in the market for a quick, light, read, you will probably adore this!
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♆Hayley (TheVillainousReader) Oh my god! I'm on the job hunt as well, have been for about two months, and that is the only way to describe it "atrocious". The hoops an applicant has to jump through are ridiculous. I get so mad I want to scream. Job hunting is THE WORST. Girl, you are not alone. Good luck!!

Vaneesha OH NO HAYLEY that sounds horrific! I've only been at it for about a week after moving and I am going stir crazy! My challenge has been even getting interviews because I'm either educationally over-qualified, or under-qualified in terms of experience. I'm currently a total sitting duck and I'm bored out of my mind (but thankfully we just got wifi set up in our apartment) I can't even get a job bagging groceries at the local Wal Mart :(

♆Hayley (TheVillainousReader) Vaneesha wrote: "OH NO HAYLEY that sounds horrific! I've only been at it for about a week after moving and I am going stir crazy! My challenge has been even getting interviews because I'm either educationally over-..."

Same here! We are literally in the exact same position. I honestly feel like no one cares if you have a degree if you don't have experience. I've applied for so many jobs and i'm like "WHAT THE FUCK HOW DID I NOT GET THAT?! They literally said all you need is a high school diploma and I have a degree and experience". It's so so bad right now. My friend applied at Victoria's Secret she was so desperate and she didn't even get that! I don't know if they have this were you live, but a lot of the places here have these computer programs that first grade your application. Like they will ask you application questions and if you don't answer them EXACTLY the right way, don't use the words you want, etc, the computer says NOPE. So most of the time a human isn't even seeing my application which is totally fucked up and discouraging. God, it's so so bad. I had to move home because I can't find anything and it sucks because my boyfriend lives in the city and I live in the middle of nowhere and all my friends are gone, ha. I just need a job so bad so I can move!! UGH!! AND THENNNNN, places don't even send a "no thank you email". My parents keep telling me it take 4-6 months so prepare yourself, I hope you get one way faster than that. Sending good luck, spells, FREAKING FAIRY DUST, your way. I hope you have better luck than me. Keep me posted:)

Vaneesha YES! I've been going around applying to places in person, even for retail positions in the mall, but it's like REALLY messing with my self-confidence, which sounds stupid, but I feel like I'm getting judged by how I look instead of my qualifications. It's super disheartening. I'm sorry you're going through this as well :( On the upside I'm starting volunteering as a youth mentor AND at a place called Out On The Shelf which is described as a "queer library and resource center", which feels promising!!!

♆Hayley (TheVillainousReader) Oh that's a good idea. I know, it's so annoying. Give us a break people! Oh that sounds so fun! And a great way to spend your time. I'm so jealous, there is no volunteering here but that's the first thing I'm going to research when I move. Is the youth mentor kind of like big brother/big sister?

Vaneesha Yes! It's very similar to Big Brothers Big Sisters! I tried getting in with them, but apparently you're matched to youth of the same gender, and in my area there was a waiting list for 40 boys looking for mentors and they weren't looking for girl-mentors, so I managed to find this program through the city's family & child services.

This city had a website that collates all volunteer opportunities into a job-positing-board sort of thing, which was super helpful as well!

♆Hayley (TheVillainousReader) Oh that's super awesome. That'll be so fun.

Vaneesha HAYLEY! I swear right after this convo I got a phone call at 12:30 calling me in for an interview at 1pm, I do the interview, and the woman is like "GREAT CAN YOU START RIGHT NOW" SO I STARTED! AND I have my first shift by myself on TUESDAY, LIKE WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?!? But it's starting part time as a medical receptionist at a walk-in health clinic, which should hopefully be brilliant experience (albeit stressful af)!

♆Hayley (TheVillainousReader) OH MY GOD! Congratulations! I'm so jealous! That's what I'm hoping to do, reception or administration at a medical or mental health office. Damn, girl you are so lucky! How many places did you apply? Give me all your tips!!

message 10: by Jam (new)

Jam "Georgia is a weak bitch 3 inches are KITTEN HEELS, get you some 5 inch+ heels girl, miss me with that nonsense." I am this entire sentence.

message 11: by Jen (new)

Jen ^Samesies. CRYING.

message 12: by Emily (new) - rated it 1 star

Emily Your point about the heels made me laugh! Great review.

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