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The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket
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Jun 09, 2011

it was ok
Read in June, 2011

In this book Lemony Snicket provides a great amount of suspense in all of the events that occur. In this book of the series, the children have to go move in with their uncle Monty after their unfortunate stay with Count Olaf. At the beginning of the book Snicket provides a clear description of what uncle Monty's house is like. Mr. Poe pulled the car up a steep gravel driveway and toward an enormous stone house. "The house had a square front door made of dark wood, with several columns marking the front porch. To each side of the door were lights in the shapes of torches, which were brightly lit even though it was morning. Above the front door, the house had rows and rows of square windows, most of which were open to let in the breeze. But in front of the house was what was truly unusual: a vast, well-kept lawn, dotted with long, thin shrubs in remarkable shapes...(pg3/40 on Adobe Reader)"
The description of this house reminds me of like a person who enjoys playing classic war games with castles and stuff. Maybe its the lights that lead my mind in this direction but from a first impression, I have a feeling that this guy is going to be a little weird. He has rows and rows of windows which is very uncommon. The lights were still on and its daytime. That's a little out of the ordinary too. If i were in the children shoes or position at that place and in that particular moment,
I would definately feel a little unsure of my surroundings.

In the middle of the story. Lemony throws in an interesting catch. Uncle monty works with reptiles which is a lot of work. So he brings in an assistant named Stefano. He plans on staying at the house for a while. And finally the children realize that this so called "Stefano" is really Count Olaf. The Children Become Frightened. "From the moment of Monty's arrival until bedtime, Stephano
kept the children under his constant surveillance, a phrase which here means "kept watching them so
they couldn't possibly talk to Uncle Monty alone and reveal that he was really Count Olaf," and Uncle Monty was too preoccupied to think that anything unusual was going on. When they brought in the rest of Uncle Monty's purchases...(Page 14/40 Adobe Reader)"

This part of the book really creeps me out. I wouldn't know how to feel if the man who wants to ruin my life is sitting in a chair right down the hall with a knife in his hand, just waiting for me to make a move. Id probably piss my pants to be honest. Lemony snicket did a amazing job on the descripiton in that quote. It makes you want to look deeper and see what decision the children will make. Will they be brave or will they stay in the bed until morning? It had me on the edge of my seat.

Lemony Snicket was right about the ending of the books, they do not end very well. The ending of this book was really devastating and made me said for a good 20 minutes of my time reading.""We weren't suspicious!" Klaus exclaimed. "If someone is suspicious, it means they're not sure! We
werepositive that Stephano killed him!" "Nonsense!" Dr. Lucafont said. "As I explained to all of you, Montgomery Montgomery's death was an accident. (35/40 Adobe Reader)". Uncle Monty was killed by Stephano, the evil man who will do anything for fortune. The children have to go back to Mr. Poe Who doesn't believe that Count Olaf killed him. Everyone Just believes it was an accident.

This wasn't one of the good books of the series it really put me in a sad mood. I didn't enjoy the fact that there was no happy ending and I recommend that people skip this book out of the series.

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2.0% "Started Reading book 2 of the series once again its telling me to read another book if i dont like bad endings lol"
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37.0% "They get a new guardian Dr. Montegomery. Isn't it dangerous for such young children to be around so many reptiles?"
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69.0% "Count Olaf Is Actually Disguising himself as a man named stefano. Why does he want these kids so bad?"
06/09/2011 page 132
69.0% "The Kids Almost got ate up by a deadly viper thats crazy bro lol... these books are so crazy but it was a good book. Finished"
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